10 Best 4K Action Cameras 2021

10 Best 4K Action Cameras 2021

10 Best 4K Action Cameras 2021


It would seem that action cameras have appeared quite recently. But today such gadgets can be found even among people who are not interested in extreme sports. Choosing Best 4K Action Cameras 2021 is a good option for those looking for a family device. Also, such devices are ideal for recording concerts, traveling and filming animals. But first of all, of course, they are intended for fans of extreme sports. But which model should you choose to capture your accomplishments? This question will be answered in our list of the Best 4K Action Cameras 2021. In compiling it, the main emphasis was on real experience, and not just on characteristics.

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TOP 10 Best 4K Action Cameras 2021

However, you should not completely ignore the parameters, especially when there is no way to personally test all models of action cameras. Look on the Internet for examples of shooting with the camera you are interested in to evaluate the quality of stabilization and noise reduction. Make sure that you are satisfied with the characteristics of the lens (light sensitivity, angle of view, focal length). An important point is also the hardware component, because the processor must cope with video processing. In order to be able to conveniently change settings and review footage, the user should pay attention to action cameras equipped with a color LCD display.


GoPro HERO8 Black Edition (CHDHX-801-RW)

The action camera is made in traditional GoPro style. The set of accessories available in the kit does not impress with its variety: the camera itself, the battery, several types of mounts, the sync cable and documentation. If you need something else, then you need to buy everything separately or immediately look at the extended delivery options.

The camera body is multi-layered: a durable metal chassis, high-quality plastic and a rubberized anti-slip coating. There are two screens in the gadget at once: the main 2-inch one, as well as an additional monochrome one. The latter is located in front, allowing you to see basic information (charge, mode, resolution, etc.).

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Pros & Cons

  • excellent electronic stabilization;
  • a variety of shooting modes;

  • proprietary media module (optional);

  • compact size, light weight;

  • resolution, wide angle.

  • high price;
  • battery life.

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Sony FDR-X3000

Perhaps the FDR-X3000 isn’t perfect. But this is definitely one of the Best 4K Action Cameras 2021. Sony has created a wonderful product that can and should be bought by fans of outdoor activities, people interested in extreme sports and even ordinary travelers. Moreover, its cost is very competitive.

If you need a rich set, then pay attention to the modification of the FDR-X3000R. In addition to the action camera, it offers a remote control, a wide range of mounts including a wrist strap for the remote control, and a box for underwater photography.

All the information the user needs is displayed on a small b / w display. It does not allow you to view the footage, but it allows you to save battery power. The interface is well thought out, everything is organized logically. The camera shoots very well, supporting bitrates up to 100 Mbps when the resolution is Ultra HD.


Pros & Cons

  • excellent ergonomics;
  • video recording quality;

  • solid assembly;

  • high bitrate support;

  • thoughtful management;

  • stabilization system;

  • works for a long time on a single charge.


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    GoPro HERO7 (CHDHC-601)

    The good HERO7 action camera comes in several modifications. If you need a device with maximum capabilities, then we advise you to ignore the Silver and White versions and buy Black. It is equipped with a 12 MP sensor against 10 in the younger models and offers HyperSmooth technology – software image stabilization.

    One of the Best 4K Action Cameras 2021 ranking can record videos in Full HD, 2.7K and Ultra HD 4K. In the first case, the frame rate is 240 fps, in the second – 120 frames per second, and at the maximum resolution it is limited to quite comfortable 60. The HERO7 interface is well thought out, and additionally provides a voice control function.


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    DJI Osmo Action

    The DJI compact camera is visually similar to its American competitor. There are also two screens in Osmo Action, but even the front one is colored, which allows you to conveniently record your tricks and walks, clearly tracking the position of the frame. The lens of the gadget also has an interesting feature – a thread for filters. But since not everyone needs them, they will have to be bought separately. It should also be borne in mind that before immersion in water, one of the best inexpensive action cameras must be screwed on the protection, since without it the declared water resistance is lost (up to 11 meters).


    Pros & Cons

    • good picture quality;
    • stabilizer operation;

    • water resistance up to 11 m;

    • good equipment;

    • long battery life;

    • two color displays at once.

    • flaws in the software;
    • the viewing angle is inferior to competitors.

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    SJCAM SJ7 Star

    One of the most advanced Best 4K Action Cameras 2021 is the SJCAM SJ7 Star. This device can boast of a good proprietary firmware, which is almost as sophisticated as competing solutions. The package bundle of the action camera is very rich, the user gets almost everything he needs out of the box. You can only buy a remote control and microphones.


    SJ7 Star also supports smartphone control via the SJCAM Zone App.


    The action camera has been praised for its excellent build in reviews. The body of the gadget is made of aluminum, plastic was used here only on the front panel. The location of the built-in microphone in the SJ7 Star depends on the party: in the old ones it is on the right, and in the new ones – in the front, which is more convenient (especially for recording vlogs). The camera offers many useful options, including “Improved lighting”, slow motion mode, distortion correction.


    Pros & Cons

    • good functionality;
    • gyroscopic stabilization;

    • high-quality assembly;

    • Wi Fi support;

    • reasoned price tag;

    • excellent equipment;

    • control from a smartphone.


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      EKEN H9R

      Among Best 4K Action Cameras 2021, the H9R model is ready to offer users the best price. It is produced by the Chinese manufacturer EKEN, which first began developing devices under its own brand back in 2006. Since then, the manufacturer has significantly improved both the hardware and software part of its models, having managed to achieve incredible popularity among the mass consumer due to this.

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      One of the Best 4K Action Cameras 2021 in the combination of price and quality is distinguished by a GoPro-type design. The weight of the gadget is only 64 grams, but using a case for underwater photography, tripods and other accessories will slightly increase the weight. The action camera is available in several color options including yellow, pink and blue. The H95 comes with a case, a set of mounts, a charger and a wrist remote control.


      Pros & Cons

      • low cost;
      • practicality and reliability;

      • variety of accessories;

      • intuitive control;

      • high-quality display;

      • ease of management.

      • low light video;
      • poor microphone quality.

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      SJCAM SJ6 Legend Air

      Among the Best 4K Action Cameras 2021 that are capable of recording 4K video, the SJ6 Legend Air is a very interesting solution. An impressive package, two body colors to choose from, excellent materials and build quality. The device received a good matrix from Panasonic and a lens with an antireflection layer that improves light sensitivity. But you need to be careful with this coating, since it can be easily peeled off by accident, which will negatively affect the video quality in low light. For example, you can carry the popular 4K action camera in a complete box. It is necessary for shooting underwater, withstanding loads up to 30 meters. An alternative to it when diving is the cover of the aqua box, which improves the sensitivity of the screen, but is slightly less durable (up to 3 m).


      Pros & Cons

      • adapter for lenses 40.5 mm (optional);
      • you can purchase various filters;

      • additional screen in front;

      • compact size;

      • quality of branded accessories;

      • Panasonic sensor with a resolution of 16 MP.


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        Which are the Best 4K Action Cameras 2021?

        The Best 4K Action Cameras 2021 are available from GoPro. And this is not surprising, because it was the American brand that came up with these devices, so it remains the market leader. But good competitors for GoPro products are offered by Japanese Sony and Chinese DJI. True, their price is not lower. If you need something budgetary, then you can look at the SJCAM and EKEN brands. The average consumer with minimal needs should also take a closer look at the joint development of Xiaomi and Mijia.

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