10 Best Budget Internal / External SSD Drives / SSD Best Buy 2021

Best Budget SSD Drives 2021

10 Best Budget Internal / External SSD Drives / SSD Best Buy 2021

Best Budget Internal / External SSD Drives 2021

Best Budget SSD Drives 2021: Solid state drive (SSD) is one of the main components of any modern PC and laptop. The speed of the device and the convenience of operation depend on this component. Therefore, it is worth giving preference to SSDs because they are more efficient, reliable, faster and practically not afraid of blows unlike HDDs. But choosing a solid state drive can be difficult as there are dozens of models on the market at different prices. Among the criteria, you need to consider the volume, form factor and type of cells. To simplify your purchase, we have compiled the Best Budget SSD Drives 2021 which includes 10 models from the most popular companies or best SSD brands.

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Since we are talking about manufacturers of Best Budget SSD Drives 2021, we first note the well-known brands that have earned an excellent reputation among the users:


Samsung. The South Korean giant makes some of the fastest and most reliable SSDs on the market. Its products are used in both consumer PCs and data centers.

Western Digital. One of the pioneers in the storage market and is among the leaders. The firm focuses on the consumer market.

Kingston. The largest independent manufacturer of media. The brand produces not only SSDs, but also flash drives, RAM and other products for PCs.

ADATA. A relatively young company that has gained popularity at an excellent price. Despite the availability, the reliability of the ADATA SSD is on par with the competition.

Seagate. Famous American brand of storage devices. The company uses many American-made components in the disks.

Let’s talk about some Best Budget External SSD Drives 2021.

Best Budget External SSD drives

The purchase of such a device must be justified in some way. If you only need to sometimes transfer data from one PC to another, then it’s easier to buy a USB flash drive or use the cloud. But an external SSD drive can be used for completely different tasks. Many people know that it is impossible to expand storage in modern ultrabooks. This mainly applies to MacBooks. In this case, external drives will come to the rescue. With the help of Best Budget SSD Drives 2021, you can also transfer large amounts of data (photos for processing or personal videos, project files and installed games). They are also suitable for backup, if a failed system promises you more than just a hassle with its restoration / reinstallation.


Samsung T7 Touch 500 GB

Premium external SSD with solid aluminum outer shell. It’s stylish and reliable because Samsung claims to be able to withstand drops of up to 2 m. The drive case is available in black and silver, and in addition to the 500 GB versions, modifications with 1 and 2 TB volumes are offered on the market.


One of the key features of this good Best Budget SSD Drive is the fingerprint reader on top, around which is a square status light. You can enable disk encryption using a fingerprint and password. The second must be asked in both cases. If high security is not needed, then protection can be disabled.


Pros & Cons

  • built-in fingerprint scanner;
  • high read / write speed (1050-1000 MB / s);

  • durable aluminum body;

  • justified price;

  • the presence of 2 cables included;

  • small size and lightness.


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    Lacie Portable 500 GB

    Another top-end external drive for a laptop or PC is offered by LaCie. This company creates quality products that can withstand very demanding operating conditions. The Portable case is made of durable matte plastic. On top is an aluminum plate that adds rigidity to the device.


    Like the Samsung, the manufacturer of this Best Budget SSD Drive comes with two types of cables: USB-C and USB-A. During testing, the disk practically corresponds to the declared speeds of 500 and 540 MB / s for writing and reading, respectively. The SSD is slightly larger and heavier than the Korean model, but still fits easily into jeans pockets.


    Pros & Cons

    • stylish design;
    • build quality;

    • lack of heating during operation;

    • fast reading;

    • durable cables;

    • light weight.

    • the price is high.

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    SanDisk Extreme 250 GB, dark gray

    The review of Best Budget External SSD Drives 2021 continues with another 250 GB drive. With speeds comparable to ADATA, this model will cost more. But its price is fully justified, given the incredible security of the device. It can withstand shocks up to 1500 G and operating temperatures up to 45 degrees above zero.


    The SanDisk compact solid-state drive is additionally rubberized. Such protection helps to cope not only with shocks, but also with liquid spilled on the gadget. The drive package includes a USB-C cable at both ends and a Type-C adapter. Admittedly, this solution is more convenient than a pair of separate wires.


    Pros & Cons

    • convenient fastening for the lace;
    • cable and adapter included;

    • stylish and high quality case;

    • the mass of the drive is only 39 grams;

    • reliable protection against water and shock.

    • the write speed is not impressive.

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    Best M.2 SSDs

    The M.2 form factor was introduced as a replacement for mSATA. The latter is obsolete and does not allow high speeds to be achieved. However, it is still popular due to its compatibility with many newer drives. Therefore, M.2 SATA drives are quite common on the market. But they are limited by the speed of this interface. If you are looking for maximum performance, then NVMe is a must. The price of such SSDs is higher, but they are more reliable, provide many times higher speeds for both writing and reading.


    Samsung 980 1000 GB MZ-V8V1T0BW

    It just so happened that all categories are opened by Samsung with flagship models of its own production. If we talk about M2 form-factor drives, then in this segment one of the best solutions is the 980 series. But not the most expensive one, which forces you to save money. So, the initial Pablo is selected as the controller (as in T7).


    There is no radiator on the device, so it is suitable for both PCs and laptops, where little space is allocated for installing drives. The 1 TB version is the oldest in the 980 series, demonstrating the best speeds: up to 3500 MB / s for reading and up to 3000 for writing. Only the older 980 PRO has the best performance, which will cost almost twice as much.


    Pros & Cons

    • reliable V-NAND 3-bit memory;
    • MTBF 1.5 million hours;

    • suitable for gaming tasks;

    • low operating temperatures;

    • official guarantee for 5 years.

    • the best memory for its value.


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      ADATA 512 GB XPG GAMMIX S11 Pro 512GB

      Formally, the cost for 1 GB for a high-quality SSD for laptop and PC from ADATA is higher. But with the characteristics of the XPG GAMMIX S11 Pro model is complete order, so it will easily justify every single penny invested. For example, the read speed here is almost equal to 980 from Samsung, and when writing, it can reach 2350 MB / s, which is also pretty good.


      The device is initially equipped with a heatsink that protects the chips from overheating. As for the operating temperatures, they are in the range of 0-70 degrees Celsius. In tests, the drive fully meets the declared speed indicators. When filled with XPG, GAMMIX S11 Pro demonstrates superiority over the SSD of the Korean company.


      Pros & Cons

      • large official guarantee;
      • high-quality and durable memory;

      • low cost for its speed;

      • radiator with stylish design.

      • the design of the radiator is not perfect.

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      Western Digital 500 GB WDS500G2B0C

      The next line in the ranking of the best budget SSD-drives 2021 is taken by a solution from Western Digital. Model WDS500G2B0C comes in a nice box containing only the device and documentation. The disk does not have a radiator, but it hardly needs it, because even under load the temperature rarely exceeds 50-55 degrees.


      The drive was tested both empty and almost completely full. The results surprised us, because even in the second case, the SSD produces speeds very close to the stated ones. According to the manufacturer, you can get up to 2400 MB / s for reading, and up to 1750 for writing. This is confirmed in tests. At the same time, the price tag of the disk is lower than that of ADATA.


      Pros & Cons

      • impressive speeds;
      • great resource of work;

      • reliable construction;

      • practically does not heat up;

      • long service life;

      • reasoned price.


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        Kingston 240 GB SA400M8 / 240G

        If speed is of secondary importance and the price tag comes to the fore, then we recommend choosing a best budget SSD drives 2021 from Kingston. It can be purchased for a relatively on cheap price. For this money, the user will receive 240 GB, the speed of which can reach 350 and 500 MB / s for writing and reading respectively.


        As you can tell from the reviews, the Kingston’s drive is very cold. But a lot depends on the cooling inside the case. If other components are hot or the case is small enough in volume, then it is better to additionally acquire a radiator. The working resource of the disk, subject to all the rules of use, reaches 1 million hours.


        Pros & Cons

        • excellent solution for the system;
        • low temperature when recording;

        • price-quality ratio;

        • good resource of work of SSD.

        • the speeds are not very high.

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        The best 2.5 ″ SSD drives or Best Budget Internal SSD Drives 2021

        If you are not good at technology and do not know which best budget SSD drive is best for your PC, then it is worth choosing classic 2.5-inch devices. They can be installed in almost any laptop and computer, including most new, and even older models. The speed indicators of such drives differ depending on the version. They can compare and even outperform M.2 SATA. But their ceiling is the same, so SATA 2.5 ”is always inferior in data transfer to NVMe, and it is significantly inferior (5 or more times).


        Samsung 870 EVO 500 GB MZ-77E500BW

        If you can’t decide which SSD to buy for your computer, take a look at Samsung’s 870 EVO line. It includes models with a volume of 250 and 500 GB, as well as solutions for 1, 2 and even 4 TB. We reviewed the second option in terms of capacity, because it is sufficient for installing the OS, applications and several games, but not too expensive.


        One of the best budget internal SSDs drives 2021 on the market uses Samsung MKX controller and 128-layer 3D V-NAND 3-bit MLC flash memory. This provides a performance boost both over its predecessors and over its main competitors in the class. True, the cost of the Samsung 870 EVO is also higher than most analogs, which must be taken into account.


        Pros & Cons

        • excellent speeds;
        • 5-year warranty;

        • aluminum body;

        • performance-reliability ratio;

        • hardly heats up;

        • the speed does not drop.

        • relatively expensive.

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        Seagate Nytro 240 GB XA240LE10003

        If you prefer to install multiple drives in your computer in order to be able to protect data and distribute the load, then the Seagate Nytro is very suitable for the system which is one of the Best Budget Internal SSD Drives 2021. This disk is primarily intended for servers, so its fault tolerance and resource are among the best in the class.


        More specifically, a solid state drive can easily last 2 million hours without breaking. At the same time, during operation, without the risk of wearing out the chips, it can heat up to 70 degrees (which means that it is not afraid of a long-term high load). The shock resistance of the Seagate SSD is also excellent (1000 G). The speeds are standard (up to 560 MB / s for reading).


        Pros & Cons

        • impressive work resource;
        • high-quality TLC 3D-NAND memory;

        • full compliance with the characteristics;

        • overheating and shock protection.

        • the price is much higher than that of competitors.

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        Western Digital WD Blue SATA 500 GB

        In terms of price-performance ratio, the WD Blue drive is perhaps the best solution of Best Budget Internal SSD Drives 2021. The manufacturer uses the popular in this segment Marvell 88SS1074 controllers in these drives – a combination of reasonable cost and reliability. Storage memory is purchased from Toshiba and SanDisk in a joint venture company.


        Western Digital has a lot of competitors with TLC 3D NAND memory. But they are all either more expensive or less durable. The company positions the model from the WD Blue line as an ideal solution for PCs and laptops regarding Best Budget Internal SSD Drives 2021. The device is even suitable for games, but does not demonstrate very high speeds due to the SATA connection interface.


        Pros & Cons

        • the speed almost does not drop when filling;
        • high-quality components and assembly;

        • reasonable price for their capabilities;

        • excellent storage optimization;

        • write speed up to 530 Megabytes / sec;

        • MTBF up to 1.75 million hours.


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          Which SSD is the best to buy?

          As with any component, there is no perfect solution. The allocated budget and the tasks set will allow you to make your choice. If you are looking for an external drive, then the SSD review will suggest some great models. Samsung bypasses everyone in terms of security. For the price of Best Budget External SSD Drives 2021, it is more profitable than ADATA.

          Looking for the Best Budget Internal SSD Drives 2021 for your desktop? Then you should choose a Korean drive from the 980 line. If you need a fast M.2 with an excellent resource, but at a more affordable price, then Western Digital is a cool option.

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