10 Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021

10 Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021

10 Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021

Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021

Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021: ViewSonic is one of the largest suppliers of information display products such as projectors, information panels, and monitors. The range of the Californian manufacturer includes dozens of Best Buy Viewsonic Monitor models of equipment for any preference and budget. Even the most affordable ViewSonic models are of good quality and durability. In general, the company’s products have received over 2,500 prestigious awards from independent experts and popular publications around the world. Today we have decided to review the Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021 for work and play.

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The available technology does not have to be of poor quality. ViewSonic makes excellent devices in the mid to entry price segment. There are a lot of Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021 available from the American manufacturer. Among them, we have selected the 5 best with the three most popular diagonal sizes: 23.8, 27 and 31.5 inches. In terms of picture quality, all monitors in this category are at a very decent level. We also note the good build quality and, of course, a good balance of price and features. Let’s start the discussions of Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021.


ViewSonic VX3211-4K-mhd 31.5 ″

Popular monitor model with large diagonal and high resolution. The VX3211 has HDR10 support. Of course, taking into account the use of the VA panel and the low maximum brightness (300 cd / m2), everything is not fully implemented. But the device can handle HDR, which is a plus. The response time of the matrix is ​​3 ms which is not the lowest but a good indicator for its category.


Considering the price, I would like to see a more functional stand in the monitor. Among the customer’s complaints, we note the inconvenient built-in menu. If you plan on playing on the VX3211, AMD FreeSync support is a welcome addition to the standard feature set.


Pros & Cons

  • large and high-quality diagonal;
  • a high resolution;

  • HDR10 support;

  • good dynamos;

  • good viewing angle;

  • quick response;

  • picture quality.

  • inconvenient menu;
  • simple stand (no height adjustment possible).

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ViewSonic VP2785-4K 27 ″

A cool 4K bezel-less monitor for serious work. The device received a matrix manufactured by LG Display, capable of displaying more than a billion colors (8 bits and FRC). Factory calibrated VP2785-4K is perfect. The display covers 100% of the sRGB and Adobe RGB spaces, as well as over 96% of DCI-P3. The maximum panel brightness is 350 cd / m2, which is quite enough for comfortable use of the monitor.


The high-resolution 27-inch diagonal delivers 139 ppi, one of the best in Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021. But the VP2785-4K’s minimum response time is rather high (7 ms), so it is not suitable for games at all. In terms of the set of interfaces, we have one of the best ViewSonic monitors: HDMI, DisplayPort and Mini DisplayPort, Type-C for video and three USB-A 3.1 for drives and peripherals.


Pros & Cons

  • light and presence sensors;
  • excellent factory calibration;

  • comfortable and functional stand;

  • display over 1 billion shades;

  • a worthy choice for designers or graphics;

  • high brightness and pixel density.

  • high price.

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The best buy ViewSonic gaming monitors 2021

Of course, you can play the games on the regular models as well. But their response time is very high, and the refresh rate is not always sufficient to quickly respond to events in the game. For strategies and other projects without high dynamics, this is appropriate, although an increase in image smoothness can be seen even in this case. But competitive games and even single-player shooters are transformed with a fast matrix.


Viewsonic Elite XG270 27 ″

Now let’s take a look at the most expensive ViewSonic gaming monitor in our review Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021. It is built on the basis of an 8-bit IPS-matrix from LG. Its color rendition quality is good, but only for games and everyday work. If you regularly work with photos or graphics, then this option will not work for you. The design of the device is made at the highest level. The matrix has minimal frames on three sides, and on the rear panel there is a customizable RGB backlight that can be synchronized with peripherals and components from most popular manufacturers. The ViewSonic gaming monitor has an average response time of 5ms and a minimum of 1ms, which is incredible for IPS. The refresh rate is 240 Hz.


Pros & Cons

  • excellent margin of brightness;
  • built-in USB hub;

  • minimum response time 1 ms;

  • high refresh rate 240 Hz;

  • a pair of built-in 3 W speakers;

  • ample opportunities for customization for yourself;

  • customizable RGB lighting;

  • build quality and leg ergonomics.

  • somewhat confusing settings.

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ViewSonic VX2758-2KP-MHD 27 ″

Among all monitors of the Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors, perhaps VX2758-2KP that best justifies its price. For this model, the manufacturer chose a Quad HD matrix from Innolux. It has a color depth of 8 bit, but the use of the FRC function allows the monitor to output 1.07 billion shades. The image on the screen is colorful and smooth, which is not least achieved due to the increased pixel density (103 per inch). Also, in their reviews, buyers of the monitor praise the high brightness margin, but with the minimum threshold, everything is not very good (it is too high). For connection, the VX2758-2KP has HDMI and DisplayPort ports. The response time of the matrix is ​​3 ms, which is already very good for IPS. But this figure can be reduced to just 1 ms in overclocking mode.


Pros & Cons

  • high-quality Innolux matrix;
  • response time with and without overclocking;

  • excellent viewing angles;

  • optimal resolution;

  • well-developed ergonomics;

  • high maximum brightness;

  • display over 1 billion colors;

  • the quality of the anti-reflective coating.

  • the stand can only be tilted.

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ViewSonic VX2758-PC-MH 27 ″

Despite the similarity in name, one of ViewSonic’s best gaming monitors barely matches its predecessor. Firstly, the matrix here is VA, and its brightness is 280 candela. Secondly, it is a curved screen monitor. Thirdly, it did not receive a DisplayPort input, but instead an analog VGA is provided. The display in this case is a little simpler, because it can only display 16.7 ml of shades. Its average response speed is also slightly worse (4 ms), but in overclocking the monitor is able to reach exactly the same 1 ms. The device received two 2W speakers, but they are still not very useful. The manufacturer claims full sRGB coverage, according to reviews, the VX2758-PC is not suitable for work tasks, at least due to the curvature of the matrix.


Pros & Cons

  • good curved die;
  • high contrast 3000: 1;

  • color calibration function;

  • low power consumption;

  • response is only 1 ms in overclocking;

  • cost-performance ratio;

  • build quality and narrow bezels.

  • the leg is adjustable only by slope;
  • there is no DisplayPort among the interfaces.

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ViewSonic VX2458-C-mhd 23.6 ″

Can’t decide which monitor is the best for a limited budget? Of the interesting models, it is worth noting the VX2458-C, equipped with a fast VA-matrix DWE. This manufacturer supplies good panels for inexpensive monitors, but you shouldn’t expect excellent color reproduction from them. ViewSonic does not even indicate the coverage of any of the common color spaces in the characteristics, because with this the VX2458 is not doing very well. But the rest of the characteristics of the monitor did not disappoint. In its settings, the owner can choose the overclocking function, thereby reducing the response to 1 ms. The overdrive works well, there are almost no parasitic loops. The refresh rate of the matrix is ​​144 Hz, but to get such a sweep, you should buy a DisplayPort cable. The set includes an HDMI cable. Even the monitor has a DVI-D port.


Pros & Cons

  • one of the most affordable gaming monitors;
  • three types of connectors are available;

  • ease of navigation through the menu with a joystick;

  • pure white and very deep black;

  • fairly uniform backlighting of the screen;

  • good built-in speakers (two 3 W each).

  • color rendition is far from ideal;
  • mediocre quality of materials.

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Which is the Best Buy Viewsonic Monitors 2021?

ViewSonic has a huge number of interesting models. If you need a large and high-quality display for your work, then the VX3211 is a good purchase. The VP2785-4K monitor combines high pixel density, excellent color reproduction and a wide range of interfaces. For economical users with high demands on ergonomics, the manufacturer has prepared the VG2419 model. If we talk about choosing the best monitor from ViewSonic among gaming models, then of course, the XG270 from the Elite series. And the VX2758-2KP is an ideal monitor in terms of price-quality ratio.

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