10 Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021

10 Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021 Under

10 Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021

10 Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021

In 2021 the choice of smart bracelets is quite large, but manufacturers have not been delighting users with innovations for a long time. The functionality of the Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021 and even the appearance are often the same that the difference between the brands is erased. The updated TOP of the best fitness bracelets pushes the boundaries of the familiar image and shows that even today you can choose a high-quality and comfortable model that differs from analogues.

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The review contains only top-selling devices from the most reliable companies that have firmly established themselves in the market. Our experts have paid a lot of attention to the functions and features of various models in our article Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021, so that everyone can choose a device based on their individual needs.


Unlike simple activity trackers, fitness bracelets are similar in functionality to smartwatches. In addition to collecting data by smart sensors, they notify about calls, incoming SMS messages or instant messengers. The variety of functionality has blurred the distinction between trackers, fitness bracelets, and smartwatches today. Lets start the discussion of Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021.

Top Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021

1. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 Global

The 6 series model is the latest novelty offered by the acclaimed Chinese brand Xiaomi. Rich functionality and a large 1.56-inch Amoled display allowed the device to step beyond the usual sports bracelets. For the first time on board Mi Band has a built-in SpO2 sensor that keeps blood oxygen saturation under control, and an expanded set of various sports modes – 30 versus 11. In addition, the popular fitness bracelet Mi Smart Band 6 is equipped with a calorie counter, a sleep, stress and physical activity sensor , as well as a heart rate monitor and accelerometer. Nothing more, just useful functions. The Mi Fit application allows you to pair the bracelet with a smartphone, so it promptly notifies you of incoming calls. According to experts, the sixth version does not have enough autonomy for a novelty but buyers do not attribute this factor to disadvantages.


Pros & Cons

  • newest model from 2021;
  • many sports modes;

  • rich set of functions;

  • combination of price and performance;

  • clear setup and management;

  • large display.

  • the screen is very scratched with careless use.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Fit2

Multifunctional fitness bracelet Samsung Galaxy Fit2 has a good combination of communication capabilities. It displays incoming messages by mail, in instant messengers, notifies about calls and controls the multimedia player of the smartphone. The bracelet has good functionality, which is to be expected from Samsung. In addition, the Fit 2 boasts a highly detailed 1.1-inch AMOLED bezel and 30 visual dials. Customers consider these to be some of the best fitness bracelets among the competition gathered in this list of the Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021. It is inexpensive high quality and can do everything that a similar device needs in 2021. However, experience has shown that the model also has some disadvantages – a weak vibration signal and a short charging wire. However, these shortcomings are too subjective and insignificant.


Pros & Cons

  • lightweight and comfortable to wear;
  • bright and clear color display;

  • battery life;

  • justified cost;

  • no complaints about the quality and operation of all functions;

  • simple settings.

  • short charger;
  • not always discernible vibration signal.

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3. HONOR Band 5

If you need to buy a cool but inexpensive & Best Fitness Smart Bracelet with good functionality, the Band 5 is the best choice. It is an extremely stylish device with a bright display, and the HONOR Watch Face Store offers incredible watch faces for every taste. Technically, the model is perfectly tailored for sports, it is a good run planner with personalized recommendations for the owner. And the fitness bracelet can do a lot, for example, it counts the pulse, monitors the level of oxygen saturation in the blood, and TruSeen ™ 3.0 technology continuously monitors the heart rate. The level of protection of the bracelet IP68 and WR50 (5 ATM) allows it to be immersed to a depth of 50 m, so rain and the pool are not afraid of it. The Band 5 is very popular with users and is actively advised to buy, especially for those who are willing to do without NFC.


Pros & Cons

  • the best option for sports;
  • intelligent algorithms for data collection;

  • high degree of protection;

  • scratch-resistant screen;

  • speed of pairing with the phone;

  • recognizes the type of exercise and swimming styles.

  • not always accurate heart rate readings;
  • no NFC.

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4. Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 5

The last generation of smart bracelets from Xiaomi was marked by the release of the fifth model, which today is a serious competitor to HONOR and even to its classmate Band 6. If we ignore the little things, then the new version of the 5th model is second only to the screen size and the number of sports modes, there are 11 of them. In terms of build quality and convenience, the buyers did not notice the difference, but the cost is strikingly lower than that of the new item – almost twice. It is worth noting the unprecedented popularity of the fitness bracelet this year, and all thanks to good protection and solid functionality that covers most of the needs of users. Perhaps, while this is the best option in the combination of price and quality, the budget model has many useful functions, and is often purchased as the first bracelet.


Pros & Cons

  • low price;
  • high degree of protection against water;

  • convenient charger;

  • cost-performance combination;

  • good autonomy;

  • high-speed performance due to the built-in memory.

  • when buying, you need to pay attention to the version of the model (Chinese or global).

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5. HUAWEI Band 4

Appearing in mid-2019, the Band 4 immediately attracted the public with an adequately low cost. Despite the budget, the fitness bracelet has good capabilities. For example, TruSleep technology monitors the user’s sleep, and the built-in accelerometer counts steps, plus there is a built-in heart rate monitor. Unlike its predecessor, version 4 has more convenient battery charging, and increased autonomy – up to 6 days with intensive use. According to reviews, the Huawei bracelet is suitable for sports, especially good as the first smart watch. However, the absence of a gyroscope somewhat affects the accuracy of the pedometer, the device allows you to regularly take data with a low overall error of 3-7%.


Pros & Cons

  • high-quality sensor;
  • convenient charging via the belt;

  • the speed of synchronization with the phone;

  • touch control;

  • thoughtful charging;

  • 9 sports modes.

  • there is a slight error in the readings.

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6. Garmin Vivofit 4

A smart bracelet with built-in GPS module and numerous sports features from Garmin is designed to be worn 24/7 every day. For this, it is reliably protected from moisture and dust, and has an excellent workmanship. According to reviews, the bracelet is quite comfortable, even with prolonged wear. The uniqueness of the fitness bracelet is the Move IQ technology, which independently classifies exercises, starts a timer, selects the optimal training time, and gives personalized recommendations. But that’s not all, the main feature is the battery life up to 1 year without recharging. Such autonomy is rare, even for expensive devices, so Vivofit 4 is included in most of the ratings of 2021. Users referred to the weaknesses of synchronization with a mobile device, sometimes it “slows down”.


Pros & Cons

  • up to a year of work without recharging;
  • intelligent training system Move IQ;

  • high water resistance;

  • sit comfortably on the hand;

  • track calories accurately.

  • inflated price tag;
  • sometimes synchronization with the mobile application gets lost.

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7. Xiaomi Mi Band 4 NFC

This popular model has rightfully taken a place in the ranking of the best smart bracelets of 2021. In fact, Mi Band 4 NFC is an improved version of the previous 3rd model. A contactless payment module has appeared here, and the new Amoled display has almost doubled in size and is covered with tempered glass with an oleophobic coating. Water resistance has increased to IP77, so the watch can be submerged. The device is equipped with sensors for ECG data, heart rate abnormalities and biometrics. Therefore, it constantly monitors the pulse and sleep phases, reminds of a warm-up, and monitors calorie consumption. For sports people, there are 6 types of workouts, in addition to this, the bracelet has many other useful functions, for example, an alarm clock or control of a smartphone’s media player. Of the minuses, experts attributed the restrictions of NFC,


Pros & Cons

  • durable protective glass of the display;
  • autonomy up to 3 weeks;

  • software work;

  • many useful functions;

  • excellent protection against water;

  • NFC works without a phone.

  • restrictions on contactless payments.

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8. OPPO Band

New in 2021 – the first Band from OPPO. The model is positioned as a traditional smart bracelet, with functions for tracking health and body status and receiving call notifications. Sports focus is expressed in 12 popular training modes and heart rate monitoring. The capsule form allows you to charge the watch separately and change the bracelets to your liking. There is a wide variety of designs because replacement straps can be purchased at low prices. According to experts, the OPPO device combined all the typical functions and did not impress with the innovation. However, he has a strong side – it is a very accurate fitness bracelet that counts calories, pulse and other changes in the body without error. The device works without “lags”


Pros & Cons

  • comfortable belts;
  • protected anti-shock glass;

  • basic set of sports and custom functions;

  • light weight;

  • high accuracy of data collection.

  • expensive compared to competitors.



9. Amazfit Band 5

This is a versatile option when you need to choose a Best Fitness Smart Bracelet for a child or an adult. A convenient strap with a large number of holes allows you to comfortably carry the device, regardless of the build. Experts consider this model of the bracelet to be an improved version of the Mi Band 5, but it has a blood oxygen level sensor and a long-lasting battery. The capsule is removable, you can charge the watch without removing the strap – an ideal combination of convenience and variety of accessories. Like most smart bracelets, this one is great for sports. The tracker tracks activity in 11 modes, such as running, cycling, exercise bike and other popular ones. The manufacturer has not deprived of other functions: from event notifications to a light breathing trainer. The device was included in the review of the best for the absence of objective flaws.


Pros & Cons

  • correct measurements;
  • acceptable measurement of SPo2;

  • price-functionality ratio;

  • build quality;

  • easy setup and update;

  • fast and stable connection with your phone.

  • not always unlocked by movement.

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10. Jet Sport FT-8CH

An inexpensive but good bracelet with blood pressure, heart rate and built-in accelerometer will delight those who want to get all the basic functions and at the same time with the saving money. The availability of the model is due to a small display on an IPS-matrix and a reduced class of water protection according to the IP67 standard (against water jets and immersion up to 1 m). There are no usual sports modes in the fitness bracelet, but the watch reads all the basic data quite accurately. Navigation in the menu is also simple, but some users had questions about the setup. According to customer experience, some features are not active by default. This model is quite comfortable to wear and is suitable for active people.


Pros & Cons

  • built-in tonometer;
  • bright screen;

  • ease of customization;

  • 3 interchangeable straps included;

  • low cost.

  • inferior to more expensive models in terms of the number of functions and autonomy.


How to choose a Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021?

When choosing an excellent fitness bracelet for sports, experts recommend paying attention to the main criteria:


Smartphone compatibility. Fitness trackers work only in tandem with a phone, and most often the choice should be stopped at one brand. Otherwise, you need to find out if the device supports the smartphone OS.

Device type. The difference lies in the design and charging method, sometimes these factors are very critical for users.

Autonomy. The indicator varies from a couple of days to a year, and a period of 2 weeks is considered typical. The choice should be based on personal preference.

Functions. The basic set included a heart rate monitor and sleep phase monitoring. However, advanced devices can do much more.

Sports modes. Their number depends on the specific model, and it also differs in the type of physical activity. When buying the Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021, it is important to check if the selected model contains the sports that the user is engaged in.

Which fitness bracelet is Best Fitness Smart Bracelet 2021 to buy?

Experts believe that this type of device belongs to sports, so the functionality should correspond to the type of physical activity. Moreover, it is not the basic one that deserves special attention, but the advanced one. For example, for swimmers, high water resistance is important, for cross-fitters – an accurate heart rate monitor, and for those who decide to go jogging – a subtle system of motivation and smart reminders.

Users also note that the bracelet must correspond to the lifestyle, otherwise most of the inherent opportunities are not used at all. Therefore, when choosing the best fitness bracelet, you should rely on your own preferences and not on the numerous reviews.

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