10 Best Smartwatches for Women 2021

10 Best SmartWatches for Women 2021

10 Best Smartwatches for Women 2021

10 Best Smartwatches for Women 2021

Best Smartwatches for Women 2021: Not so long ago, manufacturers of smart watches were concerned mainly with expanding the functionality of their products. Everything that could be imagined was built in there: an electrocardiograph, a pressure meter, a SIM card slot, a curved screen and much more. Today the situation has changed. Now functionality is not at the forefront. The design of wrist gadgets came to the fore.

This is especially true for devices aimed at a female audience, because a man may not care too much about the shape and size of the watch. But a bulky gadget on a graceful woman’s hand will look completely inappropriate and will not suit every wardrobe. In order to find a Best Smartwatches for Women 2021 that is suitable not only in functionality, but also in design without any problems, you should read the article Best Smartwatches for Women 2021 carefully.

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Most modern smartwatches have very similar functionality. In most cases, this can be explained by the fact that they have an almost identical filling produced by a limited number of manufacturers for example, they have the same sensors, processors and many other elements.


Therefore, the choice of high-quality Best Smartwatches for Women 2021 should be carried out without much binding to functionality. Any of their similar gadgets will be able to perform all the most popular functions, such as measuring the number of steps taken, heart rate, showing notifications from the phone and of course the time. Better to focus on choosing a best Smartwatch design for Women.


For young girls, as well as those leading an active lifestyle, it is better to choose fitness-oriented models that are small in size and a special design that makes them an ornament on the arm. If we are talking about an accomplished business woman, then a watch with a classic design and discreet colors will be an excellent choice. In any case, the choice should be made based on personal preferences, so that the purchase brings joy and gives confidence. Let’s discuss the top 9 Best Smartwatches for Women 2021.


Best Smartwatches for Women

1. Apple Watch SE GPS 40mm Aluminum Case with Sport Band

If you have a question, what is the best smartwatch for women to buy, you should pay attention to this model. It is equipped with a large Retina display that can accommodate all the information you need. It has built-in advanced sensors designed to track any physical activity. The presence of various functions, like activity rings, allows you to control the degree of your own activity during the day. For motivation purposes, smartwatches have personalized tips, rewards, friendly competitions that make physical activity not only a necessity, but also an interesting entertainment.

Water resistance class WR50 allows you not to worry about their safety in case of training in the pool or open water, while a special function can tell the distance traveled by the swimmer. Recommended for all lovers of beauty.


Pros & Cons

  • high-quality display;
  • well-developed management;

  • high-quality speaker;

  • GPS accuracy;

  • many functions;

  • easy synchronization with a smartphone;

  • waterproofness

  • battery life;
  • high price.

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2. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

In the ranking of the best women’s smartwatches, this model rightfully takes the place, because the first thing that catches your eye is their modern design. Four colors, green, black, silver and rose gold, will allow you to choose a model for every taste. The AMOLED display, protected by Gorilla Glass, has a diameter of 1.1 inches, which is enough to accommodate all the information you need.


According to the manufacturer, the battery can last for several days without recharging and the processor will provide excellent performance. It should be noted that the model is water-resistant up to 50 meters, which allows you to swim and track your progress without taking the watch off your wrist.


Recommended for women and girls who lead an active lifestyle but prefer a more classic design.


Pros & Cons

  • performance;
  • high-quality screen;

  • decent sporting features;

  • the presence of a voice assistant;

  • reliability and accuracy of sensors;

  • excellent combination of price and functionality;

  • nice design.

  • autonomy could be greater.

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3. HUAWEI Watch Fit

This best smartwatch for women has built-in GPS module with a bright AMOLED display with high resolution. This gadget allows you to create personalized themes that can go well with your everyday style. The choice is not limited only to official themes, because in the specialist shop you can find a huge number of dials with original designs. Recommended for fans of functional devices who are not ready to overpay for the brand.


Pros & Cons

  • great screen;
  • a large number of functions;

  • combination of price and quality;

  • high-quality operating system;

  • autonomy up to 10 days.

  • there is no NFC module;
  • plastic case.

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4. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2

This model has received a number of improvements over its predecessor. The significantly lighter construction and slim body look very sleek on either hand. The main target audience for these excellent smartwatches are girls with an active lifestyle. Their functionality is very broad and includes notification tracking, sleep tracking, ECG, settings for 39 sports and many other features. In terms of design, there are two available styles to choose from: stainless steel with a leather bracelet or aluminum with a fluoroelastomer strap.


Pros & Cons

  • waterproofness;
  • a large number of applications;

  • recognition of sleep phases;

  • compactness and light weight;

  • the ability to reply to a message from the clock.

  • wide bezel around the display.

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5. Garmin Vivoactive 3

This model is equipped with a heart rate monitor, built-in GPS and Garmin Pay contactless payment system. The heart rate monitor allows the device to track your stress level or fitness metrics by showing your body’s response to a variety of factors. When paired with a smartphone, the watch can receive text messages and allow you to reply to them. Also, the function of finding a phone and access to listening to music becomes available.


Pros & Cons

  • mineral glass of the dial;
  • rich functionality;

  • comfortable body;

  • NFC support;

  • chic autonomy;

  • availability of all relevant sensors.


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    6. Fitbit Versa Lite Edition

    This smart watch will be an excellent assistant for any woman interested in monitoring her own activity and taking care of her health. With the help of more than 15 modes, you can monitor the indicators of your state in real time. With the help of a special application, women can register their cycle, record symptoms and compare the results obtained with other characteristics, determining the most favorable period of reproductive function and much more.


    Pros & Cons

    • high-quality screen;
    • the presence of a GPS sensor;

    • the accuracy of the sensors;

    • good battery;

    • aluminium case.

    • lack of a multi-language interface.

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    7. Amazfit GTS

    This model is equipped with a high definition AMOLED display. A stylish square screen allows for more information, and editable dials that use modular construction allow you to choose the best option for each user. More than 17 analog dial options are available to fans of the classic style. Slim metal body makes this smartwatch elegant and stylish.


    Pros & Cons

    • 12 training modes;
    • autonomy up to 14 days;

    • excellent technical equipment;

    • easy synchronization with your phone;

    • large and high-quality screen;

    • classic design;

    • ample opportunities to customize the dial.

    • sometimes slows down when working with music files.

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    8. HONOR MagicWatch 2 42mm (steel, milanese bracelet)

    This is one of the best smartwatches for women. The model with a diameter of 42 mm is a somewhat simplified version of the watch, with a diameter of 46 mm. Despite the significant similarity of these two models, they are completely different and targeted at different categories of users. At the same time, the smaller gadget has an elegant design and will look great on a graceful female hand.


    This model has all the features you need for fitness, including heart rate measurement and step counting. This watch can be used for swimming in the pool, with the measurement of speed, distance, calories burned and the ability to estimate SWOLF, makes it an excellent choice for professional swimmers.


    Pros & Cons

    • elegant design;
    • water resistance;

    • autonomy up to 14 days;

    • variety of functions;

    • speed of synchronization with a smartphone;

    • the ability to install a photo on the dial.

    • you cannot answer a call or message;
    • no independent music playback.

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    9. FOSSIL Gen 4 Sport Smartwatch 41mm

    This smartwatch comes in six color options. Most of them are classic, but there are also more fun ones for those who like non-standard solutions for example, red, light blue, or a combination of a gold case with a gray strap. This gadget is lightweight, which allows women to wear it without feeling tired. The rich functionality includes a large number of applications for lovers of an active lifestyle, as well as the NFC module, which allows contactless payments without using a card or smartphone.


    Pros & Cons

    • excellent performance;
    • small weight;

    • capacious battery;

    • new operating system;

    • rich functionality.

    • work with smartphones on iOS is limited.

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    How to Choose the Best Smartwatches for Women 2021?

    Judging by the user reviews, the choice of smartwatches is recommended based on the following criteria:


    Frame. Its design should match the tastes of the future hostess. Moreover, it must be of sufficient quality so as not to worry about its reliability.

    Health control and sports functions. Preference should be given to gadgets that are able to count calorie consumption and kilometers traveled. There are models that can measure heart rate and body temperature.

    Navigation. For women and girls leading an active lifestyle, the GPS function will not be superfluous. With its help, you can navigate the terrain and accurately determine your location when walking. It also allows you to measure your running speed.

    Autonomy. What’s the point in a watch that can work no more than a day without recharging? Therefore, preference should be given to models that are equipped with a capacious battery. This will allow them to work for several days and sometimes weeks.

    Screen and dial. Fans of classic solutions should pay attention to models with a classic dial. It saves battery power, but it is not capable of many other functions such as listening to music or watching the weather. One of the most popular today is AMOLED watches.


    Which is the Best Smartwatches for Women 2021 to buy?

    It is necessary to choose a women’s smart watch after it has been decided exactly how it will be used and for what purposes it will be used. In this case, it is recommended to take into account the reviews of users who bought this or that model, as well as their design and functionality. The decisive criteria before buying a smart watch should be financial capacity and personal taste preferences. After all, if the gadget is not visually pleasant, then what is the point of buying them, even in spite of all their functionality and the steepness of the company? Wearing them will not bring pleasure, but only a sense of bitterness about the money spent.


    To ease the pain of choice, you can take a closer look at one of the models presented in this review of the best smartwatches for women. Or take it as a basis and look for a more suitable gadget for yourself.

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