10 causes of hair loss


10 causes of hair loss

On average, women lose 100 hairs a day. But some habits or deficiencies cause you to lose more hair than you should. Hair loss can have many different reasons, which can also overlap. The hair can break , thin out or fall out. The following things can be responsible for this:

1: vitamin deficiency

The most important nutrients we need for our hair are vitamin B12 and iron. If you suspect that you don’t have enough of it in your body, you should take a blood test and take immediate action. The right diet can prevent bad things from happening.

2: drugs

There is a long list of medications that can lead to side effects such as hair loss. These include antidepressants and tablets for high blood pressure. This cannot be broken down into specific ingredients, after all, every person reacts differently to medication.

3: Hair pinned up

If you always wear your hair in a bun or ponytail, chances are you’ll lose hair at the back. The hair follicles are overstressed by hair clips and rubber rings and this can lead to hair loss.

4: heat

If you blow dry a lot, straighten or use the curling iron too often, this can massively damage the hair. Therefore, it is better to do without it and have healthy hair that may not be perfectly styled.

5: towels

Do not dry your hair with a towel – dry textiles on wet hair combined with strong friction lead to hair loss. Also good: switch to microfiber towels instead of cotton towels.

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6: stress

When we don’t have time to take a deep breath and there are still 400 things on the to-do list, we often forget about our health. This leads to hair loss faster than you think . Here you can read how to avoid stress.

7: trauma

Incisive experiences that we cannot easily process lead to psychological stress, which in turn can cause hair loss. Even after pregnancy, many women suffer from hair loss because the hormonal balance changes radically. Something similar can happen after stopping the contraceptive pill, since the hormone balance still has to level off here as well. As the body recovers from the rigors of pregnancy, hair goes into a resting phase before eventually returning to the growth phase. Here it is mostly: wait and see. At some point everything will settle down by itself.

8: genes

In addition to diffuse hair loss due to a lack of nutrients and the aforementioned hormonal hair loss, there is also hereditary hair loss. But don’t panic: it can be treated. The active ingredient minoxidil has been shown to be successful in the treatment of hereditary hair loss.

9: coloring

If you dye your hair too often, it can have fatal consequences for the scalp and subsequently for the hair. Instead, you should rather switch to natural colors, which also have positive effects on the hair and scalp.

10: Wrong brushing

Brushing your hair too often and too harshly can logically also lead to hair loss. Always start at the bottom and work your way up in small steps. If you comb down from the roots, you are more likely to pull hair out of the hair root.

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