10 most common mistakes when caring for indoor plants

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10 most common mistakes when caring for indoor plants

We can understand the ongoing hype surrounding houseplants all too well. Plants make the home much livelier and more colourful, the air a bit fresher and are wonderful conversation partners in lonely hours.

But what if the little plants are constantly causing problems and just don’t want to do the same as you? Sorry to say , but it’s probably because of your grooming skills. But what is not, can still become! We tell you the most common mistakes when caring for indoor plants, so that you don’t make them again in the future.

1. Buying plants for the wrong reasons
“Ooooh, the one with the white dots looks pretty! And the one with those funny long leaves!” – and off to the shopping cart with it. Look familiar? Instead of choosing plants based on appearance alone, the next time you buy plants, pay attention to which plants thrive best in which conditions. Most importantly, the light your plants need will determine how well they feel in your home.

2. Too many plants at once
Full of euphoria, you get a lot of plants at once in order to realize your dreams of a green oasis as quickly as possible. Attention: Especially if you grow many different plants with different needs in a short time, it will be difficult to meet these needs and to tell them apart. Pretty sure one or the other plant will be neglected in this way.

3. You put your plants in the wrong places
In order for the plants to feel comfortable, it is advisable to create a comfortable and unchangeable environment for them. Extremely cold or warm places are less suitable. It is therefore better not to place the plants next to radiators or directly in the draft.

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4. Overwatering
In fact, one of the quickest ways to kill a houseplant is to water it too much. It’s best to only water when necessary. To do this, check the soil regularly, if it still feels damp, it is better to wait a little longer until the next watering. You can tell that you are overwatering your plants by, for example, the leaves turning yellow or the roots rotting.

5. Forgetting to fertilize
Another mistake many plant parents make is forgetting to fertilize the plants. Many think that houseplants can thrive on water alone. In fact, plants need “food” just like humans.

6. Overlook the season
What our plants need also depends on the season. Most plants need less water in winter than in summer. You should also consider this factor when caring for your indoor plants.

7. Too much or too little light
Another common mistake many make is exposing the plant to too much or too little light. Make sure that the light conditions are suitable for the type of plant you are growing – preferably before the plant moves into your home.

8. Water only one spot at a time
Instead of just watering one side of the pot, make sure to distribute the water evenly so that the entire root ball is moistened. If you only water one side at a time, especially with large plants, the roots on the other side may not get any water at all – often resulting in half the plant dying.

9. Care too much
When it comes to plant care, the following sometimes applies: less is more. In fact, many plants can handle not being touched by us for a while. Overdoing it with watering and maintenance sometimes does more harm than good. Finding a good balance here is essential (but can take a little while).

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10. Forgetting to rotate the plants
While you shouldn’t change the general location of your plant too often, it’s wise to make sure to reposition the plant from time to time. Otherwise, only one side may get enough sunlight, which is not good for the plant in the long run.

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