10 reasons why living alone is the very best


10 reasons why living alone is the very best

When life circumstances change and you are faced with the decision of whether to share a flat or a single apartment , you first weigh all the pros and cons. And while it’s more expensive not to have roommates, being a recluse has a ton of positive traits. We have explained the advantages of living alone and why it is the most beautiful thing of all in 10 points:

1. Eat what you want!
“You want to eat pizza again???” – belongs to the past! From now on you decide for yourself what ends up in the fridge or on the plate.

2. Nobody eats your food away
The last chocolate or the prepared lunch is suddenly gone? That means war! It’s much more peaceful if you live alone. Then your food envy has a break.

3. Wear what you want
Dirty socks, plush slippers or cheesy pajamas : it doesn’t matter, because you’re the only person who will see these little faux pas.

4. Privacy everywhere
Leave toilet door open: Hallooo! And otherwise you can move freely, be naked and no longer have to hide your vibrator in the closet. Heavenly!

5. Determine the home furnishings yourself
Furniture and decoration contribute to a large extent to whether we feel comfortable or uncomfortable in an apartment. If you live alone, you can furnish each room exactly according to your taste and it will automatically make you feel better.

6. Only having to clean up your own dirt
There’s nothing more annoying than cleaning up roommates’ dirt. Especially if you don’t have the same understanding of order and cleanliness and therefore often argue.

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7. Never compromise
It doesn’t matter whether it’s the choice of film or the furnishings: Living alone is the very best, because you can always decide everything for yourself without making compromises.

8. Quiet!
Enjoying complete stillness after a busy day is best when no one is home but you. Much better than roommates who still want to philosophize about everything after 8 p.m. when all you can do after a hard day’s work is trash TV.

9. Visit when and as often as you want
Every day or never. You alone decide who is welcome and when. A dream!

10. Showing no consideration
Your ex-partner hated the smell of coffee in the morning and your ex-roommate was annoyed when you sprayed yourself with deodorant ? This has an end now. Consideration is (at least within your four walls) a foreign word from now on.

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