10 signs you’re with the right person


10 signs you’re with the right person

Love, trust and passion come in many facets, which is why it is often difficult to assess the quality of your own relationship. Lockdown and the fear of the coming months can cloud your perspective: Am I with the right person, or do I just not want to be alone right now?

We have collected a few tips for a harmonious relationship for you:

1. You can be yourself
In this relationship, you don’t have to pretend that your favorite movie is Pulp Fiction or that going to the gym is your favorite hobby. When you spend time together, you don’t have to entertain your partner or hold yourself back. No laugh is too loud, no hobby too childish – you can show all your facets to this person without any shame.

2. You share the same morals
It doesn’t matter whether it’s political debates or basic ethical questions in life: you and your partner are generally in agreement. If an aspect deviates, you can talk about it openly and constructively. In general, you can be sure here that your partner will not suddenly shout out inhuman slogans because you communicate openly about your views.

3. You can spend time apart
After the mini-trip with your best friends, you don’t feel any further away from your partner. You don’t feel jealous for lost time, but can tell openly what you have experienced. Separate hangouts are not a problem, you both have hobbies and friends independently of each other.

4. The relationship doesn’t limit you
Your partnership has increased your self-confidence, your partner supports you when you address problems in your own life and helps you to implement changes. You are not held back and do not feel like you are missing out on anything in the relationship or that you are at a standstill. On the other hand, your partner doesn’t make you feel like you need to change anything – you keep control of all aspects of your own life and receive support when you need it.

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5. Honesty feels good
You can address inequalities in the relationship, even if it raises questions for the future. Criticism of mutual dealings is not understood as an attack, because you both have the same goal: a happy relationship.

6. You work on insecurities
Whether jealousy, envy or a little self-confidence – you and your partner also talk openly about the ugly feelings of everyday life and jointly reduce shame. You can laugh about it later because you know that insecurities are natural.

7. Your partner feels like home
You travel thousands of kilometers together, but you still feel comfortable and safe. Having that person with you kinda makes okay with the gritty hotel and annoying people on the beach too. Suddenly you are not terrified of the small to medium-sized changes in life and just hope that your partner will be by your side.

8. You approach each other in an argument
No matter how uncomfortable your argument is, no matter how many conflicts are revealed – as the conversation progresses it becomes clear that you both want to meet in the middle. Together you have developed a culture of argument that lets you work on solutions that really feel good for both of you.

9. Your environment fits together
Of course, no relationship should be tied to individual friends, that’s clear. But a harmonious circle of family and friends is extremely important, after all, meeting together must feel good. If something happens that bothers you, then you can address it openly and vice versa.

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10. The relationship feels easy
Relationship work feels okay, after arguments you feel relieved instead of more tense. If you think of a future together, you’ll be happy. You don’t perceive the relationship as a collection of problems, but you know that your conflicts are only temporary.

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