10 surprising facts about your period


10 surprising facts about your period

Here are facts about the rule that you may not know:

1: Menstruating women are more likely to remember their dreams

The increased level of the hormone progesterone in the blood means that women often wake up in the dream-intensive REM phase.

2: A third of South Asian girls miss school because of their period

A report released by British aid organization WaterAid and the United Nations children’s fund Unicef ??to mark World Menstrual Day on May 28 shows that more than a third of girls in South Asia are out of school due to a lack of sanitation and taboos about it Rule. Also, many girls get their first menstrual period without knowing anything about it.

3: Period pain is promoted by lack of sleep

If we don’t sleep enough, we feel tired and easily irritable. According to a study by the Harvard Medical School in Boston, the perception of pain is also increased. Pain stimuli are perceived much more intensely than after adequate sleep . Of course, this also applies to menstrual pain and especially abdominal cramps!

4: The first rule can affect your health

Studies have shown that age at first rule is linked to certain health risks, such as allergies, heart disease, diabetes and cancer. Scientists do not yet know the exact causes and connections. According to one study, for example, women who got their first period before the age of 12 have a significantly higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

5: The period has an influence on the hormones in men

A woman’s odor changes during her period and has been shown to affect men’s testosterone levels. The level is increased during ovulation and decreased during menstruation.

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