10 tips to rebuild the partnership


10 tips to rebuild the partnership

When the first phase of being in love in a partnership is over, something like routine often creeps in. At first you were still with your partner and wanted to do everything together, but after a while you start to relax a little and go your own way again. This is quite normal and does not damage a good relationship at all, on the contrary, it can even be invigorating if each partner also leads their own life. But caution is also required here. Because this phase can quickly become routine or end in a power struggle. When the relationship becomes routine, you quickly drift away from each other and you don’t feel as connected as you did at first. However, if one partner wants to change the other and there is more anger, criticism or nagging,and a warning sign of relationship . Partnership and relationship is therefore an ongoing process in which the two partners have to find each other again and again. If the will is there to maintain the relationship, here are helpful tips on how this can work.

Tip 1: See your partner’s positive side and praise them for their strengths
Unfortunately, in almost every relationship, what you see and have is considered normal. It is no longer exceptional over time. It’s the same with your partner. This is there and it is considered perfectly normal. However, many negative qualities that were not noticed when you first fell in love are now being criticized. However, this fuels a negative attitude and bad feelings towards the other person. Because everything the other person does is closely observed and he no longer has a chance to behave correctly in any way. However, this creates an insecurity that leads to the criticized no longer really feeling comfortable in the partnership. If, on the other hand, a compliment is given in between or the partner is praised for something that he is particularly good at, then the feeling becomes positive. Anyone who compares their partner with other men or women in order to revise the negative opinion here will notice that they can quickly change their negative attitude towards their partner.

Tip 2: One pampering evening a month works wonders
In order for the partnership to be enlivened, it is important to make time for each other for at least one evening a month. On this evening, nothing disturbing is allowed to have an effect, this belongs to the partners alone. Only one of the partners is responsible for this pampering evening, the other can give himself over completely and let himself be pampered. But it should be something special with which your partner is spoiled, for example your favorite meal, which you can also order if you can’t cook yourself. Your partner’s favorite music should also be in the foreground, even if you’re listening to something completely different yourself. A walk to a very specific place that connects can also be chosen here. It is important that the other person feels comfortable because he realizes that he is still being seen, even if everyday life has long since returned to the relationship. If this monthly evening is held alternately, then efforts to help each other become more active again and positive mutual feelings arise again.

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Tip 3: Call up memories of the first phase in love
In the first phase of falling in love after getting to know each other, you want to score before the other. You spend a lot of time trying to make yourself look attractive. This ranges from styling the hair to a special perfume and clothing. So you prepare especially for the meetings. So it would be a good opportunity now to make an appointment with your partner like you used to to go to a restaurant or cinema or simply to go for a walk and to take special care with your own appearance.

Tip 4: Leave the children under the supervision of others for a weekend
Those who are only parents but no longer a couple will eventually have nothing more to say to each other, at the latest when the children move out. It is therefore important to plan time-outs here as well. However, the romantic weekend should not take place in your own four walls, but in a neutral place, such as in a hotel. Because at home, even without the children, everyday life returns immediately and you can’t concentrate on romance. In this way, a new environment helps better to revive the old feelings for each other. The hotel doesn’t have to be far from where you live. There are also beautiful corners in the vicinity that want to be discovered. In the evening, a visit to a restaurant should definitely be planned, which can already provide anticipation for the night in the hotel room.

Tip 5: A common hobby welds together
Of course, it’s illogical to spend all of our time together 24/7. Experts always warn against doing anything of your own, even in a partnership. However, every couple should also look for a common hobby that both partners enjoy equally. This way you can experience a common task together, but you are not bound by any obligations. Having fun in the shared hobby and being in a good mood strengthens the partnership.

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Tip 6: Leave nothing unsaid – disappointments must be addressed
Even if it is difficult if there was a disappointment in the relationship that the other partner may have no idea about, then this should be addressed. Because even a thoughtlessly said sentence or action by the other person can lead to negative feelings that can continue to build up inside. In the first-person form, the conversation should be sought without accusations. A joint solution on how to avoid such disappointments in the future should also be found.

Tip 7: Don’t always be available and make it rare from time to time
Of course, in a relationship, the partners are primarily together and should spend most of their free time together. Nevertheless, it is important in every partnership to keep your own freedom. If you pursue your own interests, meet up with your own friends and not with those you have in common, you also make yourself interesting for the other person again. However, these ventures should not be a secret. Because telling stories afterwards can revitalize the partnership. And both partners don’t become dependent on each other, even if they get confirmation from other people.

Tip 8: Small tokens of love strengthen the relationship
If you feel too secure in your existing partnership, you will become careless, and your partner will then notice this in a negative way. It is therefore important to always show love in between and thus maintain the relationship. This can be an unexpected kiss or a hug. Or you bring your partner your favorite chocolates from shopping, just like that, without any reason. This shows the other person that they are being thought of, even in everyday life.

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Tip 9: Dare to do something in bed too
If the relationship in bed isn’t working the way it used to, then something should be done about that too. So there are many ways to have more fun again on a common basis. Erotic toys offer a wide variety. Going shopping and shopping together as a couple really builds a bond. Don’t be afraid of crooked looks, it’s absolutely normal today to visit an erotic shop together. However, neither partner should force themselves to one or the other toy, both must absolutely agree to it. If you don’t want to go that far yet, you can try sleeping naked togetherOr just cuddle naked. This also gives a new trust in each other, especially when you share a blanket and cuddle.

Tip 10: If you can handle it – have an open relationship
Of course, a step in an open relationship needs to be thoroughly discussed. Not everyone can handle their jealousy well enough to not mind if their partner becomes intimate with someone else. It is particularly important here to set up rules that would not violate either partner. So you can decide either to keep quiet about it, or to strengthen the trust even more, to tell the other about it after a night in a different bed and also to convey the feelings you had about it properly. If you don’t want to go that far and want to have an open relationship, you can first look for a contact on a dating website or visit a swingers club and meet your partner there as if it were the first time.

There are many ways to revive a relationship. It is always important that both partners discuss important changes together and that both agree to them. Because otherwise there will be no revival but a temporary separation because one of the partners no longer feels comfortable. But even small things like attention and opening up to your partner are important steps to save a partnership. Not all of the points mentioned above are therefore also helpful for a relationship, but there will certainly always be two or three points that both partners can make friends with and try out these tips for a harmonious relationship.

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