11 eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

11 eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas for Christmas

The visit of Santa Claus leaves year after year a mountain of wrapping paper. What if, this Christmas, we also offered a gift to the planet? Here are 11 eco-friendly gift wrapping ideas for a green Christmas!
1. Old packaging
Some people (your grandmother maybe!) have always kept the old wrapping papers that they folded neatly in a drawer. Why not take inspiration from it? Do the same with the beautiful gift bags received last year that you will offer in turn. Try to avoid bags with logos or hide them with a DIY trick. Choose paper with Christmas colors or mat patterns.

2. Beautiful fabrics
For a wow effect, replace the paper with beautiful recovered fabrics. A scarf, a plaid shirt, a tablecloth or a pillowcase can be turned into an original wrapper. You can close the fabric with a knot, Japanese style (furoshiki). Out of respect, of course avoid old woolen stockings with holes!

3. Children’s drawings
Any family with one or more children quickly finds themselves overwhelmed by piles and piles of drawings. We don’t know what to do and, being emotional, we don’t always dare to make them disappear. The idea of ??transforming them into packaging is a winning one. The drawings will have a second life (and a utility!) and will give a personal touch to the gifts offered. A word of advice: involve your children by involving them in the choice of drawings.

4. Brown paper
Brown paper, in sheets or bags, is recyclable. Too low-end as an effect? Think again! Decorate it as you wish by drawing pretty patterns or adding finely handwritten words. Finally, tie everything with an old velvet ribbon, or a pretty fabric.

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5. A natural cabbage
What’s a wrapper without its cabbage? For many, it’s like the icing on the cake! No problem: you can replace it with a dried flower, a small fir branch, a pine cone (casserole) or, why not, a sprig of rosemary. It will be a guaranteed success.

6. Roll of toilet paper
To wrap a small gift, dare to use a roll of toilet paper. To get away from the “tube” shape and get a nice little box, flatten it and fold the ends inwards to close the box. Add a touch of decoration and you’re done!

7. Newspapers and magazines
Pick up an old magazine (that you won’t re-read) or the latest issue of your local newspaper. Select the pages that seem to you the most beautiful or the most appropriate and make them a gift wrap. You can form cones, rolls or simply cover a box.

8. A mason jar
Who doesn’t love mason jars? On the occasion of Christmas, you can use it to slip in small presents. To look pretty, decorate the pots with recycled fabric and biodegradable jute ribbons. You can attach a handmade label to it.

9. A reusable bag
Why not make two gifts in one! Offer a gift in a reusable bag that you have purchased for the occasion. Several craftsmen from here make good quality and completely original bags!

10. A carton of eggs
To offer chocolates, cookies or other little sweets cooked with love, a box of eggs could prove to be the perfect packaging. All you have to do is add a festive touch by decorating it in Christmas colours. Ask your little elves to help you!

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