11 signs that you don’t exercise enough


11 signs that you don’t exercise enough

Think a little more exercise couldn’t hurt you? Just in the last year you hardly got up from the couch? We know it. If the following situations sound familiar to you, it’s probably time to get things moving again.

No. 1: You can hardly run after buses and trams

That always gets you out of breath: endurance training ensures that you will have more staying power in the future.

No. 2: Climbing stairs is the horror for you

Or at least it’s not possible without panting and feeling it in your thighs right away? Try to do without the elevator and escalator for a while!

#3: You’re not very flexible

When you’re standing, leaning forward toward the floor, you should be able to reach it with your fingertips. To do this, regular stretching is required.

#4: You keep getting constipated

Regular exercise also drives the intestines to peak performance and prevents constipation .

#5: You often get stitches in your side

Regular runners rarely have stitches . So stay tuned and go jogging again and again. In an emergency, it helps to slow down for a while.

No. 6: You are often tired

Those who move a lot have better blood circulation and are generally fitter and therefore less tired than someone who spends most of their time sitting down.

Number 7: You have no power

Gymnastics and strength training strengthen your muscles.

Number 8: You often have back pain

Back pain often occurs when the center – i.e. abdomen and back – is poorly trained.

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#9: You catch every cold

Moderate exercise strengthens the immune system . On the other hand, constant illness could also be a sign of physical overload – although you have to do a lot of sport for that.

#10: You can’t take stress

Exercise is a good outlet for relieving stress . After an hour of walking or in the fitness center , you will definitely have a clearer head.

#11: You don’t enjoy exercise

You have to go through with it, because the shame is: with the exercise comes the fun. Certainly. And until then it ‘s time to persevere . And sometimes you have to try a little bit before you find the sport that suits you!

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