20+ tips for visiting the beach with a baby


20+ tips for visiting the beach with a baby

Don’t let sunburn and sand-covered toddlers stop you from hitting the beach as a family this summer. Read on for 20+ tips to make beach trips with your baby a breeze.

1. Bring an inflatable pool and umbrella.
Buy an inflatable mini pool and umbrella (some pools even come with built-in sunshades) to keep baby cool and protected on the beach. This is especially handy for containing new crawlers and babies who will put anything, including sand and rocks, in their mouths.

2. Pack a damp towel for easy cleaning.
Dampen a small towel and hang it from a pole on your beach umbrella. Use it to wipe little hands and faces after snacking and when baby and/or plants eat directly on the sand.

3. Load up your laundry basket.
Pack your beach gear in a laundry basket. If you have a younger baby, line the basket with extra soft towels and use it as a bassinet for naps on the beach. Keep the basket well shaded while baby is in.

4. Equip the crawling playpen with a bed sheet.
Turn a matching bed sheet upside down and place a pocket or cooler in each of the four corners to keep the sheet stretched out. It will of course create sides that can act as a barrier against sand and keep your curious baby from exploring the whole shore.

5. Pre-freeze snacks.
If your baby eats solid foods, freeze a few bags of food the night before your beach trip. Transforming a cool, squishy texture on the beach, they help keep your baby cool and hydrated.

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6. Spray away the heat with water.
Sometimes the shade is not enough to keep babies cool. Bring a small spray bottle of ice water to spray the baby periodically and when they appear flushed.

7. Remove sand with cornstarch.
The cornstarch kitchen staple is a surprisingly effective way to remove sand from baby skin. Scatter onto exposed arms and legs and watch it work its magic. It works by drying out the skin, allowing the sand to roll off easily and painlessly. Talc-free baby powder also works well.

8. Just push heavy things.
Bring your stroller or jogger so you can use it to carry heavy stuff like beach bags, cool box, umbrella. Alternatively, handcarts are also very advantageous for this. For example, you can transport the baby in a baby carrier. In this review of the best baby carriers you will also find suitable models for the summer.

Pro tip: Pulling strollers backwards is easier than pushing them forwards in the sand.

9. Use a pop-up tent for lunch breaks.
Want to stay in the sand all day? Consider getting a small pop-up tent so baby can sleep in a cozy, shaded spot away from the sun and sand.

10. Add apple cider vinegar to a post-beach bath.
Despite our best efforts with sunscreen and UPF-treated swimwear, babies sometimes turn a little pink from the sun. To soothe sunburnt skin, add a few drops of apple cider vinegar to the bath that night. Apple cider vinegar can help relieve itching and burning.

11. Chill your sunscreen.
After lathering your kid in sunscreen before heading to the beach, pop the sunscreen into your cooler to keep them cool. If you reapply yourself at the beach, you will also cool down the baby’s body temperature.

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12. Keep a supply of cool washcloths.
While packing the cooler, put some damp washcloths in a plastic bag. They eliminate clutter and can cool down the baby quickly.

13. Forget expensive beach toys.
The beach is the best toy you will have, so save your money on expensive beach toys. A bucket and shovel are all you need to bring for beach fun. To add a little more, try a watering can, bath toys, or small cars and trucks.

14. Use a mesh laundry bag for beach toys.
When you’re ready to head home, load beach toys into a mesh laundry bag. The sand will naturally fall out when you return to your car. And when you get home, you can hose down the contents to clean them straight through the bag.

15. Freeze bottled water.
The day before your beach trip, put a few unopened water bottles in the freezer. The bottles act as ice packs to keep snacks and drinks cool, giving you cold water all day long.

16. Don’t forget the hat.
Protecting the baby from the sun should be your top priority when you are at the beach. Bring a wide-brimmed hat that not only covers your baby’s head, but also their ears and neck. Hats with a UPF+ sun rating provide additional protection.

17. Leave extra towels in the car.
Bring some extra towels, including a towel for the baby. When the baby is wet or sandy, put it over the car seat to make the ride home more comfortable.

18. Buy
a Wheeled Cooler A cooler with wheels and lots of pockets means you can load it up with everything you need while leaving your hands free to hold your baby.

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19. Keep it short.
Plan your beach trip around lunch breaks and meals to keep nervousness to a minimum. A shorter beach trip also means less stuff and less sunburn.

20. Bring a small fan.
When it’s not a windy day at the shore, attach a battery-powered mini-clip fan to your umbrella. This will help keep your baby’s body temperature down and give everyone a break from the heat.

21. Create a sensory experience.
The beach offers many things for baby to touch and explore. Shells and rocks have interesting textures and colors (choose larger items and provide plenty of supervision to avoid a choking hazard). Pour some water into the sand so your little one can feel the difference between wet and dry sand.

22. Show new words.
Enrich baby’s vocabulary by pointing out boats, waves, umbrellas and anything else you see on the beach. Then write the words in the sand.

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