25 tips to make money fast

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25 tips to make money fast

Many websites advertise ideas that supposedly lead to quick money. But what’s up with that? Basically, it is difficult at first to believe that there should be easy ways to make money. That sounds like trickery and rightly arouses suspicion in most people. The good news is that there are actually numerous ways to make money that may not have even been considered. The following 25 suggestions can all lead to a quick income. Some of them can also be combined with each other.

It should be noted that any earnings must be reported to the relevant tax office. If it is a regular income, this must also be registered as a freelance activity, for example. This requires an annual tax return. The notification is in writing and is usually uncomplicated. If you have any questions or are unsure, do not hesitate to contact the responsible authority.

Only realistic ways to make money fast
From the 25 options, emphasis was placed on selecting only realistic activities that most people can carry out without special training. For example, one often reads about the recommendation of investing in cryptocurrencies or about making money quickly through current accounts, opening savings accounts and the respective interest rates. Neither will appear in this list. Investing in cryptocurrencies has made waves due to the rapid increase in the value of bitcoin, but it is a financial investment for which you usually need specific knowledge. Although cryptocurrencies will be a big topic in the future, there are many different ones, each using different logarithms. Not everyone is promising. If you are not familiar with the subject at all,

When it comes to the subject of interest that results from current accounts and savings accounts, one can only say: Wrong time. Interest rates are way too low right now. Spending time on that would be a waste.

1. Test products
There are some specialized websites for product tests, but sometimes manufacturers also offer them themselves. Payment is possible, but not always the rule. People often apply for a specific product that they can keep for the creation of a test report. The handling is very different and also different depending on the website. Sometimes the products are anonymous, in other cases you know which company it is and even know the specific product name.

2. Online Surveys
Online surveys are a very easy way to make extra money. You just have to answer questions. The surveys can be short or extensive. The more time it takes, the higher the merit. The only drawback: In some surveys you have already taken part in a few rounds of questions before you are notified that another target group is being sought. Here you should try several survey service providers and decide which one is worth the time investment more. Popular survey service providers include Opinion Outpost, Gfk, Opinion People, Nielsen Homescan, and Opinion Study. You can find many other websites by searching.

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3. Writing lyrics
Content is often required for websites. This includes very different texts. From topic-specific topics to blogs to SEO, the order situation is very large and extensive. SEO means a certain type of text that is important for search engine optimization and therefore contains a certain number of predefined words. Prerequisite is the perfect command of spelling, commas and grammar, as well as a pleasant style of speaking.

4. Translate texts
Those with an affinity for foreign languages ??can try their hand at being a translator. For example, Netflix regularly needs translators for subtitles. It is important to have perfect command of spelling and grammar in both languages.

5. Earn money with your own photos
Ambitious amateur photographers can offer their works as stock pics. The photos are resold via platforms to companies for their websites. The platform itself gets a share of the sales. The stock pics business really pays off in bulk. A photo can bring in amounts ranging from cents to a few euros. However, if you enjoy taking photos and like to see your photos on websites, earning money with stock pics could be just the thing for you.

6. Design Competitions
If you are familiar with Photoshop, Fireworks, Gimp or other graphics programs, you can also earn an income by participating in design competitions.

7. Micro jobs
Micro jobs are quick tasks that can be done on the go. The tasks include, for example, the description of a specific area nearby or a translation.

8. Write e-books
If you have a good idea for a story or a guide and cannot find a publisher for it, you can also publish an e-book. The marketing is then of course solely the responsibility of the author. The selling price is determined by yourself. It should be realistically questioned how much one would spend on an e-book. In addition, mastery of spelling, grammar and comma placement, as well as a certain language quality is not mandatory, but a recommendation. There are many very poorly written e-books available on Amazon. It’s difficult to make money with it.

9. Donate blood or plasma
Earn money and do good at the same time? Those who are not afraid of needles can combine this with donating blood or plasma. Payment is made after the first donation or after multiple donations. Women can donate blood up to four times a year and men up to six times a year. Plasma donations are possible much more frequently, namely up to 45 times a year. After the donation, the donor receives something to eat and drink. Donating blood stimulates the formation of new stem cells and the circulatory system. According to a study from the USA, donors of blood plasma should be less susceptible to cardiovascular diseases.

10. Sell used stuff
Almost everyone still has used things in their basement or closet and maybe some of them are still in good condition.

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11. Mystery Shop
Mystery Shoppers are buyers sent by the company itself to test the service quality of their employees. Many large companies in Germany are now using mystery shoppers. If you like shopping, you can apply to market research companies. It is important that the Mister Shopper acts absolutely neutrally in his professional practice. Only in this way can the company be helped to ensure quality in retail.

12. Carpooling
Commuters with free space in the car can register and take other people with them. Carpooling is not only environmentally friendly, but also benefits both the driver and the passengers, who can get from A to B at a lower price.

13. Car Rental
Of course, you can also rent out your own vehicle if you don’t need it. However, you should clarify this with your car insurance company beforehand.

14. Rent out an apartment or room
If you want, you can also rent out a room in your house or condominium. This can be long-term or for a few days and nights. Short-term rentals can be handled via airbnb, for example. However, if you are the tenant and not the owner, it is a sublease. Subletting must be agreed with and approved by the landlord. The regulations of the respective federal states on the subject of short-term subletting must also be observed. Hamburg , for example , passed a corresponding law in 2018 to restrict short-term subletting in view of the shortage of living space.

15. Subject job
Test subjects are always being sought. This can be for medical tests or for studies at universities. Medical tests are not completely safe from a health point of view, but are subject to strict controls that begin with the selection of the subjects. For studies as part of a bachelor’s or doctoral thesis, the earnings are between 5 and 75 euros, depending on the effort. In medical tests, it is often in the four-digit range.

16. Become a campaign worker
In some federal states, election workers earn a refreshment allowance of between 15 and 100 euros. The election workers take on the task of ensuring the correct course of the election and counting the votes. They are obliged to exercise absolute diligence so that the election is not contested. The special thing about the refreshment money is the fact that it does not have to be taxed and no social security contributions are required.

17. Extra/extra
If you don’t have a problem getting on television, you can apply for a job as an extra or extra. Soaps in particular are constantly looking for extras. An application goes either to an advertised position (e.g. on Facebook) or via an agency. The earnings per day of shooting should be between 50 and 300 euros.

18. File a tax return
Only certain professional groups are obliged to file a tax return. However, every taxpayer can file a tax return with the tax office and possibly get money back.

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19. T-shirt business

many providers on the Internet offer the opportunity to earn money with your own T-shirt design
Some websites allow hobby designers to create t-shirts as well as other clothing items and bags. The design can be self-made or created by a designer. The internet platform takes care of the online shop and production itself.

20. Become a Youtuber or blogger
Anyone who can entertain themselves in front of a camera or write well could become a Youtuber or blogger. However, you also need good technical equipment or, as a blogger, an attractive website and, of course, interesting topics. Anyone who becomes really successful with it can then in turn generate income from advertising.

21. Use the health insurance company’s bonus program
Most health insurance companies offer bonus programs. Points can be collected for every visit to the doctor, which lead to bonuses or payments. As a rule, however, you have to stamp the visits to the doctor yourself in a bonus booklet or have them certified in some other way.

22. Develop app
With the appropriate technical know-how and a great idea for everyday life, a paid app can be programmed.

23. Online Courses
Again, you need basic technical knowledge or an acquaintance who has it and is willing to help. Online courses on specific topics can also be created and offered for a fee. Some online courses are very popular, which specializes in business administration courses. The basic requirement here is once again: perfect command of the German language and, of course, the necessary knowledge of the topic of the online course.

24. Selling homemade goods
Creative hobbyists can sell their marvels via online shops. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a restored stool, a hand-knitted scarf or upcycled jewellery.

25. Dropshipping
Dropshipping is creating and designing an online store without a warehouse. The goods go directly from the wholesaler to the customer. The owner of the online shop is the link between wholesalers and customers and earns money from the sale. A logistical intermediate step is omitted. However, the online store owner should be able to trust the wholesaler as he himself is liable to the buyer in case the goods are damaged or not arriving.

There are many different ways to earn money. Some are a bit more complex, others take seconds. Some of them benefit your own health, with others you also do something good for society. The right idea or suggestion can be found for almost every talent. However, it is important to ensure that income is taxed correctly and that social security contributions may have to be taken into account. Legal aspects also often have to be taken into account. If in doubt, it is worth asking the relevant authorities. If you have all this in view, nothing should stand in the way of the income from the new source of income.

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