3 Critical Advertising Campaign Errors on Facebook


3 Critical Advertising Campaign Errors on Facebook

According to Brandwatch, the amount of advertising investments on Facebook pages exceeded $

On the vast network of Facebook posted more than 60,000,000 business pages.

About 84% of American and European companies place their ads on Facebook . Thanks to this advertisement, about 49% of netizens made purchases. If we compare the most popular social networks by average purchase receipts, we get the following numbers:

Facebook – $ 55,
Twitter – $ 28
The number of Facebook users who speak Russian is 24,000,000. Age 81% of them – from 25 to 34 years.

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Facebook statistics in the CIS countries
The number of users who visited the site at least once a month: 24.241.000.
The number of users who left a publication on their page at least 1 time per month: 761.100.
The gender ratio of users: men – 46.2%, women – 53.8%.
The age ratio of users: 18-24 years old – 9.1%; 25-34 years old – 34.9%; 35-44 years old – 30.7%; 45-54 years – 16.3%; 55 years and older – 9.0%.
In 2017, the most effective and promising advertising platform in the CIS countries, along with Instagram, will be Facebook. These sites will contribute to customer growth in 2017.

Many people are aware of this trend, and therefore, talented advertising specialists in the field of online promotion, those who can train in how to make high-quality advertising on Facebook, are very popular today.

Not knowing all the intricacies of a successful advertising campaign and not turning to specialists, many entrepreneurs invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars in advertising, but in the end they do not receive returns. They are disappointed and leave Facebook forever.

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Such situations are a frequent case in the territory of the CIS countries. But if you look at examples of American and European companies, then there is a return on Facebook for absolutely any business field. It’s all about a competent approach.

3 main mistakes associated with advertising on Facebook, which are often made by users in the CIS

Mistake # 1 . Trying to sell right away. The 2007 trend, when the main task of advertising campaigns on social networks was to transfer potential buyers to the selling ones or to the main pages of the site, in 2017 it no longer works.

Today’s world is a world of various gadgets and quick notifications, so to get the attention of a visitor, you have only 15 seconds. To sell a product or product that costs more than $ 3 for such a short period of time is almost impossible. It follows that the main goal of an advertising campaign on Facebook should not be a sale, but the receipt of contact information of a person who in the future can become your potential buyer.

How to do it? Very simple. For example, customer contact information can be obtained in exchange for any valuable information on a specific product or in exchange for any free service. Those. the person who visited the page leaves his contacts and gets access to certain content or service for this.

You will benefit from this twice. Firstly, by providing a free service, your company shows its professionalism and inspires trust from the client. Secondly, you get the contact information of a person who can subsequently make a purchase from you. Having contacts, you can send letters to this person or make calls with various offers on your product.

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Such a scheme is effective in absolutely all niches.

Mistake # 2. Trust opinion, not facts.There are situations when a company or an individual entrepreneur creates an expensive landing page: professional copywriters and designers are involved in the work, large amounts are invested in typesetting and programming. And everyone says – the landing is perfect! But for some reason, it is not at all effective: every client who clicks on him via a link from Facebook does not linger there for more than 3 seconds. It follows from this: one cannot rely only on one’s opinion and on the opinion of colleagues. It is necessary to conduct tests and rely on the facts obtained. Testing is very convenient through Google Analytics. To achieve the greatest success, it is recommended to create several design options, headings, bulletins, texts and images at once. After testing, you need to leave the most successful option.

Mistake # 3. The advertisement does not trace the value of the offer. Creating an effective Facebook ad is no easy task. For the ad reader to want to make a click, it needs to be hooked with the first lines and in just the first few seconds. Otherwise, the reader will pass by and don’t even remember that he once saw your company in his news feed.

Through trial and error, as well as through continuous testing, specialists develop their “golden” templates , the use of which gives a guaranteed result in attracting leads with high profitability. These templates will help you in creating advertisements that will touch on key human incentives and thereby bring you 100% conversion; ads that show the best sides and advantages of your product will reduce the price of switching to landing; ads that will interest the solvent portion of the population.

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