3 Practical Tips for Creating & Developing a Brand

Brand Development

3 Practical Tips for Creating & Developing a Brand

A brand is a name, symbol, design, reputation, emotions, tone, employees and much more.

We will not return to traditional terminology, just share a couple of universal insights that can and should be quickly implemented. They are suitable for those who create a brand from scratch, and those who want to revive it and make it finally work.

Tip # 1: Use crowd marketing to promote your brand.
You can start brand promotion with crowdfunding. This is a working and proven tool that is talked about a lot, but rarely used.
How is it useful? You increase the number of mentions of the brand (site), attract attention to it, build a reputation and, in addition, get traffic links to the site. Google, for example, a little, but also takes into account text references to the domain, which affects its position in the search results.

What to do. Make a list of communities on social networks, articles with the possibility of commenting, telegram chats, forums and other platforms where your audience gathers. Prescribe a strategy, tasks. Think about what image you want to form and what values ​​to convey. Comment on feature articles, create topics for discussion on forums, write stories about the brand in the outline of chat conversations. In such a simple way, increase the number of touch points and reduce the time for making a purchase decision.

We advise you to create profiles in all social networks, even in the strangest ones at first glance. We already have a list , you can use it.

How to do. One of the options. Take the semantic core (all queries in your area). You collect the TOP-20 issuance for all requests. Then – a list of addresses where you can leave a comment (not necessarily with a link to the site).

More about crowds .

Tip # 2: Respond to external brand reviews
Monitor third-party brand reviews.
Few companies follow references and reviews on third-party resources. But in vain. They rank well in search when entering brand queries. It is good to respond to reviews, especially negative ones (this is a reputation). It’s bad to do nothing. Reviews affect conversion.

The easiest and fastest way to monitor mentions is to enter a branded query in the Google search bar, select the option “For week” or “For 24 hours” in “Tools”. Now you can watch the results.

A way to monitor mentions

Tip # 3: Motivate Users to Enter Brand Requests
Google loves when a company has branded queries.
And they can be “cheated” for free. It is indispensable when creating a brand from scratch, when the product and the company did not even hear.

One of the ways we used ourselves. Create a vacancy text with an image on which you put the brand name. Place vacancies daily in thematic public places on social networks without a link to the site. At the same time, it would be nice to have a section with vacancies on the site and reviews about the company in the TOP issue.

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