3 Steps to Launch a Successful Product on the Internet

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3 Steps to Launch a Successful Product on the Internet

I have seen dozens, if not hundreds, of presentations and plans for launching and developing a product. There are many good ideas, but their creators sometimes concentrate too much on the details and miss the most important thing. These are the three basic steps that determine the overall success of a plan. If you remember them, the launch of the product will become much easier, and the chances of success are higher. Here they are:

Create a useful product. One that solves the user’s problem – not fictitious, but real and conscious.
Tell people about him. Just posting a post on social networks will not work: it’s not distribution, but fiction. Therefore, personally contact future customers, advise, offer, sell. Optionally, you can add ads if you know how to do it well .

Gather feedback.
Motivate people to share the product with others. All sorts of marketing stuff like bonuses for share / invite can also be used, but the main point is not that: people will talk about the product if it is very useful for them. Improve the product and develop the benefits.

What is the problem of this circuit and when it does not work:

If the product is average, the result will also be average or none. And if the product is crappy, nothing will work .
If you communicate with potential customers without worrying, imposing something, rather than being beneficial, nothing will work .
If you sit on a customer asking you to recommend a useless product, nothing will work .

One entrepreneur asked me for a consultation with the words: “I want to talk about coffee.” As it turned out, he already had barely warm online media, and in addition he planned to publish a print magazine.

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What is the problem: even if you do not take into account the agony of the print press, in 2020 it is simply useless to talk about the differences between monosorts from blends and espresso from ristretto.

The peak of coffee culture occurred in the 2010s, and since then alternative brewing methods have penetrated even into small cities – what can we say about Moscow. Coffee lovers managed to understand all the intricacies, and the product would not solve any of their problems. Those who are not so much interested in coffee usually don’t think: “I don’t know much about coffee, I need to urgently find out more.” They have no problems with this, otherwise, during the coffee lift, they would have managed to find out everything that is needed. For this category, the product is also not very useful.

The solution could be to abandon the product or completely change the concept. I’m not a big expert in the coffee industry, but let’s say that advanced amateurs have one of the problems – the unpredictable taste of a drink made from grains of different indie manufacturers. Each crop gives a different saturation and aroma, from some grains it is better to make espresso, some are better to be poured in a pouver, and so on. At the same time, it is important that customers are aware of this problem when buying – they wonder how tasty the next cup will turn out, and they get annoyed. You can already work with this: for example, create an application in which users give ratings to plantations, varieties and crops. Similar problems in the wine and beer industry are solved by the Vivino and Untapped applications.

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How direct communication works

When I started the service of working telegram links, we found users who encountered a problem: regular links to telegram content did not work. And on behalf of the brand they offered its solution – to use the service.

What users saw: the brand does not blindly promote itself , does not impose something unnecessary, does not twist advertising creatives with stupid jokes. He writes a private message in the direct or in the comments, where he offers help with your problem.

The method is inexpensive and workable. I was convinced of this not only in my projects, but also saw his magic on third-party examples. Remember, you probably also noticed at least once how a brand comes in a comment on a post about a life problem and unobtrusively offers a solution to it. Direct communication is a great addition to a healthy product.

The audience is already hot: you know that a person has a problem, and the potential client is aware of it and is looking for a solution. It’s a match: you are the solution.

How to run for word of mouth and what brand advocates need

To recommend a product, it’s not enough to launch a referral program “bring a friend – get 500 bonuses”. Marketing tricks work well in conjunction with the extended benefits of the product: it solves the client’s problem faster, better, cheaper, more convenient than other methods (or solves several problems at once).

Back to the telegram link service. We did not dwell on the problem with broken links and went further. Another pain was that it was inconvenient to use other solutions: after you copied the usual link to a post or a channel, you need to somehow replace t.me with the service domain. This part of the link has to be rewritten manually, and the exact spelling of domains takes off.

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I had to use a domain that simply adds three memorable letters to t.me, as well as come up with several alternative ways to quickly create working links (for example, a quick iOS command that copies a working link directly from the messenger). As a result, user love and sincere recommendations without brand stimulation.

Instead of a conclusion
If we draw a conclusion from this, then there is only one: in order to launch a successful product, you need to build the entire system around the benefits it brings to people

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