4 Guaranteed Ways to Prevent Google Adsense Account Get Disabled

Google Adsense Account Banned

4 Guaranteed Ways to Prevent Google Adsense Account Get Disabled

Google Adsense is very very strict about the terms of service (TOS), and do not tolerate any violations in the manner of contextual ads. There is only one reason behind all the banned or disabled Adsense account, and that is laziness, we do not bother to read policy. All you need to know is available here at Adsense program policy. Check the policies often because Google can make changes anytime.

I am here to guide you about basic points about how to avoid getting banned from adsense. This all based on my personal experience, I will not say that never I received the disability email from Google, but i must say that I received a lot. I am perfectly aware of all the consciences, given below are the summary of my experience, and I tried my best to be simple and detailed as well to prevent adsene ban.

google adsense disabled

Tips to prevent getting banned from google adsense

Fake Clicks and Impressions

Invalid thing is always unacceptable by Google in all means, not only in Adsense, but it implies in all the sections under Google. Clicks and impressions on Adsense contextual ads must be original; any fake method to generate clicks or impressions is prohibited. Manual or repeated clicks are unnatural and do not meet with the policy of Adsense. Use of any automated bot or html script to generate clicks and impressions is strictly against the terms of service, and the result will be the account disability or ban.

Always be natural while using Adsense contextual ads, and read Google’s guidelines before using any of the services.

Do Not Ask for Clicks

Do not ask or encourage your users to click on your Google ads or do not create any deceptions to gain clicks, this is definitely a fake way. There is no one who can create diversion or deception for Google, if you will violate any rules, you will get caught. Do not use tricky texts, like “click here” or click to “download free” to get the clicks on your ads. Do not use any appointing sign towards your ads to be clicked by user. Do not use image similar to the ad in front of Contextual ad. All these deceptions are not forbidden according to the policy of Google.

Just be good, place the ads correctly and efficiently, there will be no need to ask for clicks, that will happen naturally and perfectly.

Content Quality

Good quality content is all we need, content must not be copyrighted, and site must not provide any hosting service to store files and video content. Content must be unique and must comply with language according to your region, do not apply Adsense ad on page which has no textual information in it. Avoid prohibited content categories. You can learn more about prohibited content here, update content on daily basis; it will help Adsense truly to be your pal. 🙂

It is not so hard to create unique content for your daily publications, gather information related to your topic and write that in your own words, simple isn’t it?

Ad Placement

Placement of Adsense contextual ads is very keen step to follow, as Adsense is providing verity of styles and sizes in the ads, and multiple color schemes to make it look more attractive and efficient naturally, so we can use them according to our need while following the policies. Adsense do not allow placing ad codes in pop-ups or any fake clicking software. You can learn in details by following Adsense ad placement policies.

Use old pic of banners ads for ads placement

Although Google Adsense is very vast topic to discuss about, here I tried to mention some major causes of adsense account disability or being banned and how to keep adsense account save in the light of my experience. We can discuss more through our comment section, if you are having any specific issue with the Adsense contextual ad program.

There is no doubt that Adsense is the most well paying ad program around the web, but some of us are tired or fed up due to the strict policies, there are also other ad programs which are way less strict than Google, but they also pay way less than Google, so I think it is good to be tight circumstances. 🙂

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