4 tips if dating still scares you a bit at the moment


4 tips if dating still scares you a bit at the moment

You probably think it’s just as nice as we do that the restaurants and guest gardens are open again and that we can meet nice people again after such a long time. The opportunity to go on real dates is finally available again.

However, the prospect of real meetings also causes anxiety for many people, as a survey by the dating platform Bumble found out.

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As the Bumble survey shows, while 79% of singles feel like dating again and using the time after lockdowns and long isolation, almost half of the singles (48%) are also quite nervous when it comes to going back to dating in a classic way. There is already a fancy term for the phenomenon of simultaneous anticipation and fear, namely “Danxiety”.

Every third single even fears that they will not find anything to talk about on the date, since little has happened to many of them in the past year.

The numbers show: You are definitely not alone with your worries and anxious thoughts. In order to overcome “Danxiety” and find fun in dating again, Bumble has thought of a few tips:

1. Communicate openly
Make it clear from the start what you are comfortable with. That means: You don’t want to meet in a crowded place on the 1st date? Then tell the other person that too. If you are unsure whether you can hug the other person at the first meeting, it is best to just ask him*her. Because: Consensus is not only essential during sex! To make it a bit easier for you, you can also specify in your profile on Bumble what type of date (e.g. only outdoors, etc.) is suitable for you.

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2. Provide variety
Many of us have spent the lockdown period walking – you’d think most would have had enough of it, in fact half of singles (46%) still want to go for a leisurely stroll through the park on dates. That’s not a stupid idea at all, because this way you’ll always gain new impressions and find a variety of topics to talk about. On top of that, exercise in the fresh air will help you calm down and enjoy the date better.

3. Focus on your counterpart
At a time when everything is going haywire and we often find it difficult to focus on the here and now, try using your date to stay in the moment. Focus on the other person, ask questions and listen actively. Enjoy the time together and try to get a little distance from the Corona madness at least for a while and to air out your mind again.

4. Be understanding
… with yourself as well as with your counterpart. The past year hasn’t been easy for any of us – no wonder most of us feel a little insecure or awkward on our first date after a long time. Take your time, take small steps and just see what happens. Just let the whole thing come to you and say that you are a little nervous – your date probably feels the same way and you take a little pressure off.

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