5 bathroom habits that can make you sick


5 bathroom habits that can make you sick

Regular cleaning is all well and good. But not enough.

More time and care is usually devoted to cleaning the bathroom and toilet than other parts of the home. And that’s just as well.

But there are some not-so-healthy habits we use to spread germs from the bathroom throughout the home:

1: Take your cell phone with you to the toilet
Yes, it may be nice and cozy to scroll through the latest Pinterest pages on the toilet – but unfortunately it’s not quite as healthy. In this study , Charles Gerba , a microbiologist at the University of Arizona, explains why that’s not a good idea .

“Toilets are full of germs, bacteria and pathogens – most of them from faeces,” says the expert. Door handles, floors, toilet paper holders and faucets are particularly dirty. If you put your cell phone down on the toilet, you wash your hands, but the smartphone carries the pathogens with it. So be careful the next time you put your cell phone in a toilet.

2: Not washing hands properly
Quickly under hot water and then quickly wipe over it with the towel – we usually wash our hands like this or something like that. But that’s anything but thorough enough, experts warn. Because hand washing is still an important protection against infections, as the corona pandemic recently showed us. How to do it right? Rub hands with enough warm, soapy water for 20 to 30 seconds and rinse under running water. Then dry well.

Tip: If you don’t want to count the seconds, you can play “Happy Birthday” in your head. According to scientists, the song lasts exactly as long as a thorough hand wash!

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3: Using the wrong soap
Liquid soaps are more hygienic than bar soaps, especially in public washrooms. The reason: they “collect” bacteria when they are used by several people. But at home you can still grab a bar of soap to protect the environment.

4: Do not use disinfectant
Even if disinfectants are not (!) an alternative to washing your hands, it can be advisable to use them as well after visiting a public toilet. Because the disinfectant also protects the hands from infections for a longer period of time.

5: Not changing towels often enough
In public bathrooms one thing is clear: nobody likes to reach for the only towel. But at home the whole family usually uses a towel – the perfect carrier of germs for all sorts of diseases. Disposable wipes are of course not an alternative as they are polluting. Better to make sure that towels are changed and washed once a week.

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