5 Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 under $50

5 Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 under $50

5 Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 under $50

Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 under $50


Membrane keyboards are the most popular. There are hundreds of models on sale for any need, starting with simple solutions for office work, uploading with gaming models. They are chosen for many reasons. For example, a quiet mechanical keyboard is the exception rather than the rule. Membranes do not make noise, therefore they do not interfere with others. And their price is traditionally lower. If you want to buy such a device, then for you we have selected the best membrane keyboards for 2021, considering the products of the most popular brands. Among them, you will definitely find a suitable solution in terms of cost and performance.

TOP 5 Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 under $50

Scissor keyboards are a special case of membrane models. Their difference from the classic version lies in a special plastic mechanism, which makes it possible to make the stroke shorter than usual solutions. You can find scissor keys in almost any modern laptop. But as a separate periphery, they are also widely represented on the market. Such models are also discussed in our review of keyboards. Scissor solutions can be recommended to those users who often type text, but cannot buy good mechanics. Yes, they are noisier, but the stabilization and clarity of the movement of such buttons is much better.

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Logitech G G213 Prodigy Black USB

Logitech is one of the most sought-after Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 under $50 in the market. It doesn’t matter what the buyer is interested in, be it a mechanical keyboard or a membrane keyboard, the Swiss brand has all products of the standard quality. And with the G213 aimed at gamers, this is immediately apparent.


The popular backlit keyboard has 104 standard keys, plus 8 additional keys (for media control and button illumination). The Logitech G213 has a built-in wrist rest, making the device slightly larger than the competition. The Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 under $50 is made of high-quality plastic that does not collect fingerprints.


Pros & Cons

  • high response speed;
  • customizable backlight;

  • the presence of moisture protection;

  • combination of price and opportunity;

  • thoughtful stand;

  • multimedia keys.

  • the wrist rest cannot be removed;
  • brightness is controlled only through software.

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Razer Cynosa Chroma Black USB

On the list of the best Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 under $50, the Cynosa Chroma takes a special place. Like any Razer product, it is not cheap, but it justifies its price. For the production of the device, the company used high-quality polycarbonate. The structural elements, as befits a premium model, fit perfectly.


There are no additional buttons here, but a number of auxiliary functions are still provided. They can be activated by pressing the F9 button and the function row keys, which corresponds to the required task. On the bottom of the keyboard, in addition to the tenacious rubber legs, there are also two pairs of folding ones: they raise the device by 6 and 13 mm.


Pros & Cons

  • well-developed software;
  • tactile key feedback;

  • support for macros;

  • customization flexibility;

  • strict appearance;

  • perfect build quality.

  • rather big cost.

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Lenovo ThinkPad Compact USB Keyboard with TrackPoint Black USB


It would seem, how can you stand out in the ranking of the Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021? But the Lenovo brand has managed to create a truly original device. The ThinkPad Compact has been ripped out of an average Chinese laptop and then housed in a small case. A similar shape of the keys, a stripped-down block of arrows, a functional row reduced in height. There is no number pad here, but it is hardly needed in a compact keyboard. But the strain gauge joystick and three buttons under the space bar are an original solution. In confined spaces, where there is nowhere to place a full-fledged mouse, such elements will be very useful.


Pros & Cons

  • compact size;
  • the presence of a trackpoint;

  • pleasant key travel;

  • high-quality assembly;

  • clear response of buttons.

  • the price is a little overpriced.

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Microsoft Wired Keyboard 600 Black USB

Next in line is perhaps the Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 for office use – the Wired Keyboard 600 from Microsoft. The layout of this model is classic, and the profile is concave. The last feature will not please everyone, especially without the extended legs. With them, the height of the keyboard is much better suited for touch typing (45 mm versus 25 mm).


The function buttons in the Wired Keyboard 600 are very small, which is also a controversial decision. There are several multimedia keys above them.


Assembled a budget keyboard from Microsoft quite well. Cyrillic and Latin are very clear, and for convenience they are painted in different colors (blue and white, respectively). Due to the almost absent distance between the buttons, errors can sometimes occur during typing. But mostly it depends on the user’s habituation.


Pros & Cons

  • soft and quiet running;
  • classic layout;

  • multimedia buttons;

  • ease of typing;

  • attractive price tag..

  • function buttons;
  • uncomfortable without raised legs.

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Logitech Corded Keyboard K280e USB

Another Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 is the Logitech-branded keyboard. The K280e is a low-profile model made of matte, rough plastic. Imprints on the case are completely invisible, and dirt can only be noticed after prolonged use. But it takes a minimum of time to clean the keyboard, after which it takes on its original appearance.


Corded Keyboard K280e has a built-in wrist rest with the manufacturer’s logo. The set of buttons is standard – 104 pieces. But if you need function keys, here they are, and to use them you just need to hold down the Fn button. It, like the available options, is colored blue for clarity.


Pros & Cons

  • multimedia capabilities;
  • very pleasant button travel;

  • almost silent when printing;

  • reliability in work;

  • the price for your capabilities;

  • reference build quality.

  • unusual angle of inclination;
  • takes up a lot of space.

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Which Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 is better to buy?

We understand that different buyers have different requirements and budget. Therefore, the ranking contains the Best Budget Membrane Keyboards 2021 from different price categories. For users with modest financial resources, I can recommend SVEN and Defender devices. Some models from popular brands such as Microsoft and Logitech can be borrowed for a small amount.

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