5 Best Budget Wireless Backlit Keyboards 2021 under $100

5 Best Budget Wireless Backlit Keyboards 2021 under $100

5 Best Budget Wireless Backlit Keyboards 2021 under $100

Best Budget Wireless Backlit Keyboards 2021 under $100

Today, backlighting in a computer keyboard is a necessary feature. When working in the dark or at dusk, this makes navigation easier, especially if the user has not mastered touch typing. The lighting effects are pleasant for games – the lighting, programmatically adjusted to popular games, and changes modes automatically, adding speakers. The selection of different devices in 2021 is impressive with a variety, so our editors have compiled an independent rating of the Best Budget Wireless Backlit Keyboard 2021, according to user reviews. A fresh selection of the most successful models will help with the selection and purchase of a new PC device that will last for more than one year.

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TOP 10 Best Budget Backlit Keyboard 2021 under $100

The rating from our editorial staff contains the Best Budget Wireless Backlit Keyboard 2021 with bright button illumination, popular in 2021. The selected models are distinguished by good working life and functionality, therefore they are equally good for printing and for computer games.


The review contains only top manufacturers that have long specialized in the development and production of high-quality peripherals. Before getting acquainted with their features, pros and cons, it is necessary to understand the main criterion – the type of keyboards:


Mechanical: The old and proven technology is considered the most reliable today. Resource – up to 50 million keystrokes, individual keys can be replaced with any of a suitable design.

Membrane: The technology is less expensive, therefore such keyboards are cheaper than “mechanics”. The design feature is quiet operation, soft key travel, which makes the model more comfortable for games.

Hybrid or mechanical membrane: They combine two technologies, in most cases – all buttons are membrane, gaming and basic working – mechanical, with a separate pressing mechanism.


Logitech MX Keys

Logitech MX Keyboard is one of the Best Budget Wireless Backlit Keyboard 2021 with a traditional design, suitable for office and home use. The metal base provides stability, and the plastic is pleasant to look and feel. Ergonomics deserves special attention – keys with an island arrangement and recesses for fingers, such details significantly increase the comfort while working. But the main feature of the keyboard is the built-in backlight, which is triggered automatically thanks to the motion sensor. The keyboard is wireless, battery life up to 5 months without recharging. It can be connected to three devices at the same time, and it gets along well with Windows, Android and Apple electronics. On the downside, buyers attributed the shortened left Shift key and the lack of manual on / off backlighting. Objectively, you can add a small battery capacity.


Pros & Cons

  • ergonomics;
  • excellent build;

  • solid appearance;

  • low noise level;

  • connection to three devices at the same time;

  • auto-backlight.

  • short left shift;
  • the backlight cannot be turned on and off manually.

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ASUS TUF Gaming K7 Linear switch

An excellent mechanical gaming keyboard is equipped with IP56 dust and moisture protection, which significantly extends its lifespan compared to analogues. It is easy to use and has Aura color sync lighting, logically divided into zones. The wrist rest is included, it is removable – you can remove it for transport or when working outside the computer desk. The construction itself is assembled on an aluminum frame, so the keyboard is sturdy, monolithic and stable. According to customer reviews, the model is very convenient and of high quality, but there are complaints about the backlighting, some noted the complexity of its programming.


Pros & Cons

  • magnetic wrist cushion, according to reviews, very comfortable;
  • Equipped with RGB backlighting with good brightness;

  • protection from moisture and dust;

  • high quality optical switches;

  • elaborate design;

  • no unnecessary sounds when pressing keys;

  • solid construction and good build.

  • complex backlight setting.

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Razer Ornata V2 Black

The gaming hybrid keyboard is the perfect combination of price and quality. It is more accessible than mechanics, but more durable than the usual membrane models. And this model has built-in Razer Chroma RGB lighting for convenience, as well as programming macros and keys. There are a lot of settings in different modes, the implemented integration with applications is great features for advanced users. According to reviews, it is not difficult to understand the settings if you spend a little time on them. This Best Budget Backlit Keyboard 2021 is made of metal and plastic, with a non-slip base and an ergonomic eco-leather wrist rest. To match the price – the assembly is of high quality, and the construction is sturdy and durable. No critical minuses were found for the model, but users noted slightly loud clicks.


Pros & Cons

  • high-quality assembly;
  • justified price tag;

  • good wear resistance;

  • wide variety of settings;

  • very comfortable palm rest;

  • Hybrid mechanical membrane design of the keys.


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    Corsair K68 RGB (CHERRY MX Red) Black USB


    Best Budget Wireless Backlit Keyboard 2021 has been ranked highly with numerous positive reviews. At the same time, the model is really very successful – a reliable mechanical design, protection from dust and moisture, a full set of keys with additional media buttons and even a timer. The backlight works in 10 auto modes, with the possibility of individualization – personal settings, different colors for individual keys. The software part allows you to reassign function buttons and embed macros. A grooved wrist rest with an ideal angle for comfort. The shape of the keys is skeleton, they are comfortable and soft when pressed, albeit high. The weak points of the model are the lack of a braid on the wire.


    Pros & Cons

    • personalization thanks to numerous settings;
    • keys for controlling players;

    • well-developed software;

    • functionality and protection from dust, moisture;

    • comfortable keys and palm rest;

    • strict design;

    • light dynamic effects for popular games.

    • wire without braiding;

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    Which Best Budget Backlit Keyboard is better to choose?

    If you analyze the reviews and opinions of experts, then when choosing a Best Budget Backlit Keyboard 2021, you should pay attention to:


    Type – mechanical, membrane, hybrid. The mechanics are the most reliable, they have more resource, but the keys work with a characteristic click and are heard in silence. Membranes are quiet, but with a lower working life. Hybrid is the best combination for work and play.

    Connection method . Wireless keyboards need recharging or regular battery / battery changes, however they are more convenient to use. And wired ones are cheaper, and you do not need to monitor the charge level.

    For gamers – the availability of gaming functions. Anti-ghosting and anti-multi-tap are on every good keyboard in our rating. But some manufacturers equip models with a Win key lock, allow you to programmatically reassign buttons, connect the device to different devices at the same time.

    Backlight type . Basically – this is RGB, it is installed in most models, except for the most budget ones. In this case, the modes can often be reconfigured to suit your taste, up to setting a separate color for each button.

    According to Best Budget Backlit Keyboard 2021-the Construction is a separate criterion. There are full-size and shortened models (without the right digital block), the choice depends only on the user’s habit and the nature of use. It is also worth paying attention to the presence of protection against moisture and dust, which significantly extends the life of the device.


    When choosing a Best Budget Backlit Keyboard 2021 for active games or work, it is important to consider all the criteria, both constructive and functional. In our review, there are devices of all basic types and different price categories, which will help you decide on a purchase for any purpose.

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