5 Best Gamepad for PC 2021

10 Best Gamepad for PC 2021

5 Best Gamepad for PC 2021

Best Gamepad for PC 2021

The gaming industry is developing very rapidly. Now in this area, hundreds of billions of dollars revolve, with which gamers literally bombard developers. But among the things that are important for the rest of the next project, it is necessary to highlight not only a cool setting, interesting mechanics, bright characters and other things that everyone can select for themselves. The periphery is also important, which will provide maximum convenience from the process. Therefore, when choosing a Best Gamepad for PC 2021, you do not need to strive to save money where it is not worth doing. But how do you decide on the best option? How to find a solution for the allocated budget? Our ranking of the Best Gamepad for PC 2021 will help you with this, in which only the highest quality models are selected.

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Games are extremely popular today. It is not surprising that the accompanying periphery is also in great demand. It is produced by many manufacturers, among which we can single out the five best brands:

Logitech. There is hardly a person who has not heard of this famous Swiss brand. Produces excellent products in different price categories.

Sony. The Japanese produce game consoles, for which you can separately purchase their branded gamepads. They are generally supported on computers as well.

Microsoft. But with the support on PC devices of the American brand, problems can not arise in principle, because Windows is developed by Microsoft.

SVEN. Popular manufacturer of budget peripherals. Devices of this brand, as well as competitors in the face of Defender, will suit undemanding users.

Canyon. A rapidly developing brand that can compete with top manufacturers. Moreover, the cost of its products is noticeably more pleasant.

TOP 5 Best Gamepad for PC 2021

Of course, in any rating, one cannot do without a pinch of subjectivity. But in general, it is those people who love games in all their manifestations that have made joint efforts to this review. Therefore, the compiled TOP of gamepads will certainly appeal to a wide range of readers. Of course, direct comparison of several devices is often impossible due to serious differences in functionality, quality and cost. But for this, such a review format was created, which allows you to highlight interesting gadgets in different categories.


Sony DualSense

Even before it hit the market, Sony’s new wireless Best Gamepad for PC 2021 generated an unprecedented public interest. Firstly, thanks to the rough texture, the joystick has become more tenacious, so during active play the device will not slip out of your hands. Secondly, among Best Gamepad for PC 2021 there is simply no such technological solution. Perhaps, in the near future Microsoft will take the lead, but so far there are no guarantees.


What makes DualSense stand out? He got updated vibration motors that literally change the experience of the game. Now the user with his own hands can feel the type of surface on which the character or car is moving. Aiming from a bow will be accompanied by the resistance of the hammers, and firing from a machine gun will be accompanied by their recoil. And these are not all the features of this high-quality gamepad.


Pros & Cons

  • excellent build quality;
  • excellent autonomy;

  • wide functionality;

  • resisting triggers;

  • redesigned ergonomics;

  • reasoned price tag;

  • good microphone quality.

  • difficulties with connecting to a PC.

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Sony DualShock 4 v2 CUH-ZCT2E

An excellent wireless gamepad made by Sony that is suitable not only for PS4, but also for computers, Mac and other Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad and Apple TV. For the TOP we chose the second DualShock 4 revision. It has become completely matte, in contrast to the partially glossy first version. There are also several other not so noticeable (at first glance) hardware and software differences. Otherwise, we have a good old DualShock 4, which is very pleasant to play with on any device.


Pros & Cons

  • stylish appearance;
  • suitable for different devices;

  • good built-in battery;

  • connection via bluetooth;

  • convenient crosspiece;

  • worthy gyroscope;

  • sensations from vibration feedback.

  • after a while the sticks may stick.

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Microsoft Xbox Series

Of course, a Best Gamepad for PC 2021 from Microsoft was selected in the list of the best models for PCs. It has a very comfortable joystick that provides maximum comfort in any game. For convenience, the manufacturer decided not to abandon traditional batteries, but you can replace them yourself with finger batteries of any manufacturer.

The ergonomics of the gamepad have not changed much compared to the previous generation. And this is very good, because everything was fine with Microsoft from the beginning. Xbox Series works, by the way, not only with computers, but also with Xbox (including the previous generation) and even with devices based on Android OS. A gamepad is connected via Bluetooth.


Pros & Cons

  • three colors to choose from;
  • suitable for Android;

  • well-developed ergonomics;

  • comfortable triggers and sticks;

  • runs on batteries;

  • excellent autonomy;

  • premium quality.

  • does not always work correctly over Bluetooth.

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Many users are still not serious about mobile gaming. But it is he who today brings publishers over half of the income in the entire gaming industry! Yes, there are many simple projects on phones where controllers are pointless. But after all, Call of Duty, PUBG, Fortnite and other serious titles can also be found in app stores. Their fans also want to know what is the best gamepad to choose for their favorite entertainment. And in this case, we decided to stop at something of high quality, but not too expensive. The IPEGA controller received many good reviews. The joystick is great for Android, iOS, and PC if required. It has a smartphone mount and its own battery that provides up to 15 hours of autonomy.


Pros & Cons

  • stylish design;
  • high-quality assembly;

  • built-in holder;

  • versatility;

  • simple connection;

  • good autonomy.

  • rattling buttons

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Logitech G Gamepad F310

Probably the most interesting model on the list of the Best Gamepad for PC 2021 if you are not interested in wireless connectivity. The device is beautifully assembled, looks great. The body is made of tenacious matte plastic. It is difficult to call the assembly ideal, but we did not manage to find any squeaks or other serious problems.


Unfortunately, a few years ago, the F310 received an update, which is why there is no vibration feedback in the new revisions. Consider this fact when buying.


F310 is a great gamepad for PC and nothing more. Neither Xbox, PlayStation, nor other platforms are supported by this device. There are two modes to choose from, Direct and XInput. Thanks to this, there are no problems with controller support in games. The buttons are not too tight here, they are quite responsive, the sticks are precise.


Pros & Cons

  • high quality plastic;
  • works with Windows 10;

  • supported by Ubuntu;

  • good ergonomics;

  • two API modes;

  • nice price tag.

  • too small for big hands;
  • there is no vibration feedback.

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How to choose a Best Gamepad for PC 2021

Of course, you shouldn’t pay attention solely to the brand and the combination of price and quality of the gamepad. You also need to consider the following parameters:


The work of the sticks. If they are short-lived, not enough or too sensitive, have many dead zones or other problems, then the game will turn into a nightmare.

The location of the sticks. There are only two options here: like the Xbox and like the PlayStation. Both are convenient in their own way, so the choice depends on personal preference.

Connection. Some models only provide a cable connection. Moreover, to reduce the cost, it is often made non-removable. Higher class models can connect wirelessly (either Bluetooth or a receiver).

Platform support. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a high-quality PC gamepad that, if necessary, could be connected to all Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo consoles, as well as to tablets based on Android and iOS. You have to choose.

Power supply. It is more convenient if the controller has a built-in battery. But if the battery is discharged, you have to wait. With removable batteries, this disadvantage is not relevant. But in this case, you will have to spend extra money on consumables or buy rechargeable batteries (and it is better to have two sets at once).

Which Best Gamepad for PC 2021 is better to buy

Unfortunately, there is no perfect product that suits customers with different requirements equally well. Therefore, in the above rating of the Best Gamepad for PC 2021, we included 10 models at once. If you want high-quality build and clear control for a reasonable price, then choose Logitech. Don’t like wires? Then choose Xbox. Looking for something premium? There is no option for PS5 more fun than the brand new DualSense, and mobile gamers will definitely appreciate the IPEGA.

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