5 home remedies that can help with allergies


5 home remedies that can help with allergies

Yes, allergies are tough, tedious, and just a little bit extra annoying during a global pandemic with a virus whose infection manifests itself through respiratory problems – anxiety because of constant fear of being infected and all. In the end, it’s usually “just” the annoying pollen.

Allergy tablets and nasal sprays somehow never really help and everything is bad during the allergy season. We feel you. Maybe these home remedies can help make the allergy a little less annoying:

1. Drink green tea
Not only is tea good for a sore throat and a stuffy nose, no – drinking tea is practically a scientific recommendation for allergy sufferers: According to a study published in the American Chemical Study in 2002, green tea contains a compound called epigallocatechin gallate. And it is precisely this compound that blocks the cells in our body that are responsible for the development of allergy symptoms. “Thus, green tea appears to be a promising source of anti-allergic agents,” the study leader told ScienceDaily .

2. Drink water
Yes, okay, this sounds pretty basic, but watch out: drinking enough will thin the mucus that builds up in your nose and throat. This allows the mucus to drain better, the sinuses are freed, ergo: you breathe better. Makes sense right?

Especially if you take an antihistamine, you should make sure you drink enough – this tends to have the side effect of drying out the body a bit.

3. Have sex
“Sexual arousal, genitals and nose are linked,” says Dr. Michael Benninger , an otolaryngologist at the Cleveland Clinic , to Refinery29 . Because the nose is less supplied with blood during sexual intercourse, the inflammation also decreases. The nose is said to be freer again and breathing is easier afterwards, he explains. It even sounds logical, doesn’t it? And otherwise: it doesn’t help, it doesn’t hurt!

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4. Don’t drink alcohol
Yes, we know it anyway: A splash made a lot of things a lot easier. Unfortunately, allergies are not one of them. In a study by the British organization Asthma UK , 75 percent of the subjects stated that alcohol made their allergy symptoms worse. Beer, wine and cider are particularly bad because they have a high histamine content. If you want to drink a glass despite an allergy, it’s better to go for gin or vodka.

5. Take a hot shower
If you are allergic to pollen, you should take a thorough shower before going to bed and ideally wash your hair as well – otherwise all the pollen that has accumulated during the day will go to bed with you. If you are too lazy to wash your hair , you should at least comb it well and wash your face thoroughly. However, a hot shower is still best: similar to inhaling, it also clears the airways and can relieve nasal congestion.

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