Time is money 5 life hacks to Save Time on Packing

Tips for those who appreciate every second of their time.
The holiday season is about to begin, which means that soon you will have to pack your bags and think through the whole process of preparing for the holiday. We have collected five life hacks for you on how to save your time, nerves and patience for further travel.

Life Hack 1: Make a list
To make sure everything you need fits into your suitcase, write down a list of things you need on a piece of paper and follow it when packing. This will make it easy to keep track of what is missing. Do not forget that you can also make a list of things that you need to pay attention to before leaving. So you definitely will not forget to pass the cat to the neighbors in time and turn off the iron.

Life hack 2: Pack your suitcase in advance
A good way to avoid frantic packing on your last day is to start packing about a week before you leave. If you already know exactly what dates you will go on a trip, think over the entire wardrobe.

Keep in mind that some items will need to be washed, ironed, or cleaned before packing them into your suitcase, and that might not be quick! By collecting a couple of items every day, you will save time on the day of departure and will not worry that you have forgotten something.

Life hack 3: Check in for a flight online
This life hack will be useful for those who like to fly. Leaving the airport five hours before the flight is quite inconvenient. To save passengers time, they came up with online check-in. It opens on the airline’s website about a day before departure.

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Do not be afraid to miss the opportunity to register in this way: a reminder will be sent to your email. If you do not have luggage, and the boarding pass is printed out, then at the airport you can immediately go through security screening. You only need a smartphone to register online. Everything! Now you can arrive at the airport an hour before departure.

Life hack 4: Choose how to go to the airport or train station
There are several ways to get to the train station or airport: public transport, taxi, car sharing or private car. We recommend that you look at all the options, calculate the fastest way to get to your destination and choose it.

For such a study, you will need 5-7 minutes and maps in your phone. Thanks to this, you will already know in advance how much you need to leave the house.

Life hack 5: Decide what you are going to wear
Some find it difficult to choose what to wear on a trip. After all, everything needs to be both stylish and comfortable. And if there are also children in the family, then the process of choosing a bow for a trip is delayed for several hours, or even days.

Think about what you’re going to wear about a couple of weeks before you leave. In this case, you will have the opportunity to slowly pick up everyone’s clothes and go shopping. New clothes always cheer up and bring the time of the long-awaited vacation closer.