5 most important tips for buying an engagement ring


5 most important tips for buying an engagement ring

Like every year on Valentine’s Day, men all over the world fall to their knees, throw rings into champagne glasses or hide them in desserts (safety warning: do not eat or drink anything without carefully inspecting it first!). Tying your shoes in front of the Eiffel Tower today can end in tears on both sides.

Henry Wright Jewelry is a young jewelry label in Vienna, which is managed by Julia Fronik and focuses on individual pieces and small series. Each piece is handmade in Vienna. She calls for more daring when choosing jewelry.

engagement earrings
In addition to engagement rings, Julia Fronik also makes engagement pendants and earrings. She would like the selection process to focus less on social expectations and more on who the partner is: “The idea for the range of engagement jewelry came to me when I had a customer in the shop who was very honestly said that his girlfriend doesn’t wear rings. But it doesn’t have to be a ring. If your partner is observant enough to notice, then you should consider together what would be a good alternative. We also offer engagement pendants or engagement earrings, for example . In the end, the chosen piece of jewelry has to match the second person. That’s the most important thing.”

Out of the box
She tells the people who come into her shop that they should forget the expectations from outside. Julia Fronik believes that there shouldn’t be any rules as to how expensive an engagement piece of jewelery should be or what it should look like.

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Only one thing is important to them: “What is right for their partner? If they do a lot of sports, have a trade or children, then a protruding stone might be annoying. If they play the guitar, maybe it’s better to wear the ring on the right hand. If she/he doesn’t like wearing rings, maybe it should be a necklace. There are no rules here and I encourage people who come to me to ‘out of the box’. The only question that matters is: What can I do for this loved one? What is a sign of my love and our connection? Is there a symbol for us, what makes us special? Then I work with that.”

If you are looking for an (engagement) ring for a loved one, you should consider a few things before storming the nearest jeweler or jewelry label:

What style does the person have?
Which alloy or color am I looking for? If the person does not wear jewelry: what goes with the complexion?
What ring size is she/he? It is best to bring a matching ring that is worn on the ring finger.
What is my budget?
What should the ring look like? Do I want a stone or no stone?
When do I need the ring? Especially with individual pieces you have to calculate 5 to 7 working days for the production.
As Julia Fronik knows, it often fails because of the ring size in particular. Around 99% of the men who buy an engagement ring from her come back later to have it changed or adjusted. You can get engagement rings made of gold from Henry Wright Jewelry from 400 euros, rings made of silver are cheaper. Of course, there are no upper limits, depending on what you want.

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