5 things that mean definitive end of a relationship


5 things that mean definitive end of a relationship

After many years of being together, many couples finally say: it’s over, over, over. In retrospect, however, everything has its reasons.

Breakups are tough. No one who has ever had to say goodbye to a long-term relationship will ever say: “It was easy, quick and problem-free.” On the contrary: saying goodbye to a loved one is painful . And the wounds you get won’t heal for a long time.

It is all the more important to look for the reasons. Because later, many will come up with it: actually, all of this was announced much, much earlier. Here are 5 reasons that could mean the end of a relationship :

1: You no longer communicate with each other
As cheesy as it sounds, “talking to each other” is the MOST IMPORTANT thing in a healthy relationship. So if you’re seriously wondering when the last time you really communicated with each other – that is, exchanged ideas about what moves, concerns and inspires you – then that’s not a good sign. It takes a long time for couples in crisis to accept this reality. Living past each other happens very quickly in everyday life. And you should do everything you can to prevent it (if you want to). But now we come to point 2.

2: You no longer have the strength to work on the relationship
The most important thing in a relationship that isn’t working is to realize that it’s not working. Because that is the first step to improvement – if you want it. However, if there is no strength, energy and desire to deal with it at all – that is, if resignation has set in – then the painful realization comes that it simply cannot go on anymore.

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3: You can no longer imagine a future together
There are many signs that indicate that things are not (or no longer) working the way you would like them to. Excuses, lies, and hide-and-seek are just one (very obvious) side of it. But even if the positive things – common ideas for the future and plans – suddenly start to falter, you should seriously consider whether something is wrong. And that’s the hardest part – after all, it’s exactly these things that give many people security and strength. Letting go of this anchor is particularly difficult. But you just have to ask yourselves the question: could it really work concretely with both of us in the near and distant future? If the answer isn’t a resounding “yes,” then that could be a problem.

4: You pull each other down
Everyday life with a job, children and money worries is difficult enough. You need a partner who supports you. Everyone seems to agree on that. But what happens when support becomes the exact opposite? The worst feeling that someone you trust can make you feel is that they don’t believe in you anymore. This is expressed in small taunts, but also in being put down in front of other people. Then it’s time to get out of this relationship, because it won’t make you happy in the long run.

5: You would rather spend time anywhere other than with your partner
Being independent and going your own way in a relationship is extremely important. After all, you don’t want to be glued to one person 24/7. However, it becomes problematic when time apart makes you much happier than time together. You can convince yourself that everything is still fine, but over time, shared experiences become less and less frequent, and with them the need to become intimate with the other person or just to exchange ideas. Here it takes courage and self-knowledge to draw a line. Or just the will to still get the curve.

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