5 tips to make money from Instagram

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5 tips to make money from Instagram

Many young people these days dream of making big money with Instagram. Even 13-year-olds are legally allowed to create an account. It is not uncommon for children to grow up wanting to become “influencers” – often ridiculed by older generations.

Making money with the popular social media platform is not rocket science. Nevertheless, a few points must be observed.

The first step is a follower base. This can be any size. Subscriber activity matters.

Enterprising users depend on the followers regularly

write comments,
Like pictures or
tag someone
The Instagram algorithm is crucial. He determines the reach of the posts. If many users like the post, the app shows it to additional interested parties.

A connection to his followers is essential – whether individual or company.

Tip: It is particularly important for individuals to register a business. Only then can the creative person operate their account as a source of income.

In addition, the creator must strive for branding. The following questions are central:

“What topics do I cover?”
“What niche do I cover?”
The subject areas can be fashion, art, nutrition or fitness, for example. #fashion and #fitness are among the most popular hashtags on the platform.

Basically, every user can build up reach.

Use Instagram Stories successfully
Become a star in just 24 hours – Instagram Stories make it possible .

“Have you seen that yet? Very funny!” Emma writes to Sophie. She was watching a funny product placement from a supermarket chain.

The recipe for success is: users can call up the story 24 hours a day. After that, she disappears into the vastness of the Internet. It is important not to miss a story.

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The influencer builds a personal relationship with their followers. Those responsible place surveys, videos, insights into everyday life, live broadcasts and question boxes in the stories. This leads to more interaction with the subscribers.

Therefore, they are suitable for implementing paid cooperations. For this, the product of a company is advertised in front of the audience. The purpose of advertising is to generate attention for a brand.

Authenticity is crucial: if the recommender is not behind the product, the followers do not trust him.

Tip: Credibility is the currency on Instagram. You appear trustworthy when you post authentic content. The community becomes suspicious when travel influencer Sandra advertises a new model car.

a man takes a selfie

Earn money as an affiliate
Creative minds are still struggling with the terms of the online marketing world. Search engine advertising, nano-influencers and Instagram shopping confuse users. Affiliate links in particular raise questions.

It’s very simple: affiliates receive a referral commission when users buy items via a personal link. Alternatively, promotion codes are used.

The goal is to increase sales of a product. Those responsible use this to measure the quality of the partnership.

There are minimal hurdles to overcome when spreading the link. In a normal Instagram post there is no possibility to place clickable links.

There are four options to solve this problem:

Memorable, shortened links,
instagram shopping,
Instagram stories or
the reference to the bio.
Links are clickable in the profile description.

If there are already 10,000 followers, swipe-up links in stories are recommended. These are not possible beforehand.

The path to becoming an influencer: entering into brand cooperations
Every Instagram user sees them every day: sponsored posts from their favorite influencers. But what is behind it?

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High-reach influencers are sent free products. Aspiring influencers don’t have that privilege. You need to take the initiative and send out requests. After positive feedback, nothing stands in the way of the sponsored post.

Tip: The top priority should be transparency. Influencers flag paid posts as otherwise they are breaking the law. Furthermore, the label strengthens the trust of the followers.

The primary goal is to build reach . In this way, the influencer is attracting more cooperations.

The fee depends on

the number of likes and followers,
the activity of subscribers,
the visibility of the posts.
€80-100 per 10,000 followers is a benchmark for a post.

The visibility of the posts is increased by suitable hashtags. The number of hashtags used is unimportant. The thematic relevance and connection to the post counts.

#blossom #flower and #spring are suitable for a close-up of a flower, but not #bikini, #danube or #carnival.

a heart of neon lights

Selling your own products
“I am a content creator” – this realization opens up new possibilities.

Depending on the theme of the profile, the creative can sell different products of their own.

For example:

online courses,
books and e-books,
Gadgets or
be. There are no limits for your creativity. In the best case, the operator of the profile himself becomes a brand with certain values.

In connection with this, an online shop should open, to which the note in the profile links. The easiest way to do this is with a professional account.

Business people set up the function in 3 steps:

Go to the settings in the Instagram app.
Select the “Account” option.
Click on “Switch to professional account”.
With just one click, users can access the website of the online shop. The owner also provides an email address.

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The products should be tailored to the profile. Followers need to see added value. If that doesn’t happen, they are reluctant and don’t buy any products.

Creator account: Four advantages at a glance
Instagram provides three account types. These offer different opportunities and limits. A distinction is made between standard account, creator account and business account.

The professional account allows the following benefits:

adding contact details,
subscriber insights,
account performance statistics,
Promotional Post Creation.
These are essential for making money with Instagram.

Contacting advertisers is just a click away. The target group of the profile can be determined more clearly.

The influencer retrieves the activity times of the followers and interaction rates of individual posts. It can create sponsored posts that appear organically in the regular feed.

With the Creator account, the creative sorts their direct messages according to various criteria. In addition, creators can use the shopping function.

The possibilities at a glance
Making money from Instagram is not a science. It depends on how profile operators fully exploit their potential.

Whether cooperation, paid contributions or long-term sponsorship: Influencers have to earn their money authentically. Surreptitious advertising leads to shitstorms and promotes distrust.

Therefore, the interests of the followers should always be the focus. Your favor is the basis of the ascent to success.

As soon as the switch to a professional account takes place, nothing stands in the way of a career as an influencer.

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