6 foods to boost your immune system


6 foods to boost your immune system

First of all: No matter what you eat or drink – it will not protect you from the corona virus . “COVID-19 is a new virus, we’re learning more every day about how it works and how we can fight it. We don’t know why some of those affected become so seriously ill and others only have mild infections,” says Dr. Nate Favini to online magazine Giggles .

In any case, a strong immune system can protect against not catching every cold that flies around and fight off viruses and bacteria better. Like so many things, the state of the immune system ultimately has a lot to do with genetic predisposition, but a healthy lifestyle supports the body in the fight against bacteria and viruses – and can also ensure that recovery proceeds more quickly.

1.) Anything that is fermented
Sauerkraut , kimchi and kombucha, or a simple yoghurt – anything goes here. “Fermented vegetables and dairy increase the number of antibodies that fight disease, giving our immune system a boost,” says Dr. Sean McCaffrey to Giggles . The bacteria produced during fermentation protect the intestines from harmful organisms and produce antioxidants that support the body in its cleansing processes.

2.) mushrooms
With a mix of antioxidants and vitamin D , mushrooms should be real immune system favorites. Studies indicate that mushrooms such as enoki, shiitake and maitake in particular strengthen the immune system and even stimulate cell renewal. If you don’t like mushrooms, eat vegetables with similar properties instead: carrots, tomatoes, peppers, zucchini and pumpkin.

3.) Garlic
The magic words are ‘antibacterial’ and ‘antivirus’. It is not for nothing that the white tuber is part of countless household remedies. And in self-isolation, bad breath is no longer a problem either.

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4.) water
Now that may sound pretty basic . But it’s like this: the body needs liquid to function properly. Drinking enough supports cells and the immune system. And water is the best choice. So: Take a sip now.

5) Bone broth
According to studies , the collagen from the bones repairs small damage in the intestinal wall and reduces inflammation. Because 80 percent of the cells responsible for the immune system are located in the digestive tract, this can only be a good idea overall.

6.) Anything with zinc
Zinc works great against common colds because it inhibits the multiplication of viruses. Whether this also works with the corona virus has not yet been sufficiently proven. However, zinc has been part of some treatments for COVID-19 patients in Korea, as Dr. Favini stressed to Giggles . So if you want to treat yourself, you can use beans, nuts, oatmeal or dark chicken.

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