6 Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Investing

6 Reasons Why Women Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Investing

Financial education expert Nina von Gayl says: Women must be financially independent . And knows exactly how to get there. And stay.

Not enough seed capital? Too much risk? And above all, too little idea? There are various reasons why women often quickly put their blinders on when it comes to the keywords funds, investment, shares or even wealth accumulation – but they are never justified, says Nina von Gayl , financial education expert and responsible for the FLiP , the Erste Financial Life Park . WIENERIN asked her why women often worry too much unnecessarily and why knowledge also means power when it comes to money.

Nina: In general: The risk factor is a big inhibition threshold. The thought that you could also lose the money is deeply rooted in your consciousness. In addition, women are often less familiar with the subject of securities. The prejudice that you can only invest large sums in the capital market also keeps many people from doing so. Some of these concerns are also shared by men.

On the other hand, a statistically proven fact is that women have less money available on average (keywords : gender pay gap , gender pension gap ). In addition, there is very often the “pink tax”, ie the fact that women pay more than men for certain services or items (e.g. hairdressers, cosmetic items such as razors). With this minus it is difficult to close the investment gap.

Why are the general fears unfounded?

The capital market is associated with risk, everyone must be aware of that. Those who are more knowledgeable are more receptive to riskier investment products. It is important to deal with the topic of finances in order to gain greater financial self-confidence and a better understanding of investing.
Also important: a long investment period. The invested capital should not be attacked for at least ten years. In case of an emergency, you have to have a nest egg in your savings account.

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Why should women invest anyway?

Women must be and remain financially independent! Traditionally, women are more concerned with security and they are generally not concerned with making a quick profit. With an ECB inflation target of +/- two percent and a key interest rate of zero, however, the loss of purchasing power is obvious. Although inflation has fallen dramatically at the moment – it is at 0.6 percent – the further the economy recovers, the more inflation will rise again towards 2 percent. Stocks are important for building wealth.

What does a woman need to know about wealth accumulation?

Traditional solutions are no longer suitable for wealth accumulation and retirement provision. Long-term planning is essential for women in particular in order to achieve their financial goals and to close any pension gaps, for example from parental leave or part-time work.
On the capital market, women can invest in stocks, bonds, funds, ETFS, etc., for example. There are countless sources of information and using them should be the first step. Everyone has to find the right way for them to build their own wealth, and information, curiosity and the acquisition of knowledge help with this.

Is it okay to trust your gut feeling when investing?

The same applies here: knowledge is power. Financial education gives you the confidence to make the right decisions and build up your wealth. You don’t have to become an expert, but understanding the basic connections definitely helps.

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