6 reasons why your hands are always cold and what you can do about it


6 reasons why your hands are always cold and what you can do about it

As soon as other people come into contact with your hands, do they flinch or let out a sharp scream? Then you probably also suffer from chronically cold hands. We tell you what could be the reason for your ice hands and how you can get rid of them.

It is somehow logical that our hands get cold, even if the temperatures in general are falling: Our blood vessels constrict due to the cold, so that our limbs are no longer supplied with blood as well. Therefore, the fingers feel cold. Normally, however, they should warm up again as soon as we enter a warm room. If they don’t, it could be for one of the following reasons:

1. You have an unhealthy lifestyle
You smoke like a chimney and your Zumba teacher has already forgotten what you look like because you haven’t been to a workout for so long? Things are going haywire at work and you can hardly keep up? Our lifestyle affects our health: Smoking, too little exercise, alcohol, little sleep or stress can cause your hands to freeze all the time. Try to pay a little more attention to your health and reduce stress factors as much as possible – your body will thank you. By the way: just one cigarette is enough to drastically reduce the blood flow in the skin for more than an hour.

2. You suffer from iron deficiency
Brittle hair? Brittle nails? Strange eye twitch ? “Yeah, the iron deficiency is to blame!” Grandma would immediately diagnose. Often, however, too little iron is actually the root of the problem, possibly also when it comes to your cold hands. If there is not enough iron in our organism, the same the body eliminates the deficiency via the bloodstream. This in turn can lead to a change in our perception of heat and cold and we feel cold hands. You can easily determine whether you suffer from an iron deficiency by taking a blood test. If so, be careful in the future Make sure you always get enough iron (including legumes, cereals, nuts, beans, cabbage, spinach,…).

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3. You take medication regularly
Some medications, such as beta-blockers, that lower blood pressure can cause the arteries in your hands to narrow, resulting in cold fingers. Migraine medication or painkillers often have this side effect as well. It is best to find out more about the side effects of your medication and switch to an alternative if necessary.

4. You have low blood pressure
If your blood pressure is too low, your vessel walls will not pulsate enough due to the lack of pressure. Because the distance from your hands to your heart is quite long, they don’t get enough warming blood. Don’t know if your blood pressure is too low? Other typical signs of low blood pressure are dizziness, tiredness , sleep problems or irritability (a doctor can of course provide you with precise information here). What to do? We know you don’t want to hear it, but what helps here is mostly exercise.

5. There’s something wrong with your thyroid
Those who suffer from an underactive thyroid tend to feel cold more often. Why is it? Your thyroid does not produce enough thyroid hormones, which in turn slows down important metabolic processes. One symptom of hypofunction is sensitivity to cold. So it is best to have your values ??checked to find out whether you also suffer from an underactive thyroid.

6. You may have Raynaud’s Syndrome
If the fingertips look particularly pale and stand out clearly from the rest of the hand, this may be due to a functional circulatory disorder. The vessels contract so much in response to the cold that the fingers turn white or bluish, feel numb or tingle. If this is the case, you should definitely see a doctor!

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