6 tips to avoid bladder infections


6 tips to avoid bladder infections

By the time you sit on the hot water bottle, desperately drinking highly concentrated cranberry juice and wondering why life is punishing you, it’s already too late. Bladder infections are among the most unpleasant and annoying so-called “women’s diseases”. But with these six tips, it doesn’t have to get that far:

6 tips against bladder infections:
1. Wear cotton underwear

Lace or microfiber are also okay, but the gusset should be made of cotton if possible. It is breathable and sweat and vaginal secretions are optimally absorbed and can dry well . This reduces the risk of urinary tract infections, fungal infections and skin irritation.

Thongs, on the other hand, can transport bacteria from the anus to the vagina and cause infections – better not wear them every day!

2. Use lube during sex

If everything slides nicely, there is no risk of injury. If the vagina is too dry during sex, micro tears can form near the urethra, which in turn can cause infections.

3. Avoid heavily perfumed soaps and shower gels

The vagina is acidic: The lactic acid bacteria in a healthy vaginal flora are very successful in fighting off bacteria and fungi. A healthy vagina practically cleans itself, pure water is actually sufficient for intimate hygiene. If this is not enough for a satisfying feeling of freshness, suitable intimate care products should be used. They are adjusted to the acidic pH value of the vagina .

It’s worth taking a look at the ingredients in conventional shower gels: Glycerin, for example, can increase the risk of a fungal infection.

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4. Don’t “hold back”

If you need to go to the toilet, please go! It doesn’t matter whether you are in a creative process, the film is just exciting or you don’t want to leave the highway. Regular urination is important to flush out the germs contained in the urine .

5. Peeing after sex

The number one tip on this list: Be sure to go to the bathroom and pee after sex . Even if it’s just a few droplets, bacteria that may have gotten into the urethra through intercourse are simply flushed out.

In the case of an acute bladder infection, sexual intercourse is generally not recommended, it can only make things worse.

6. Drink, drink, drink

In order to be able to flush regularly at all, the fluid balance must be right. This way the urine is never too concentrated. So don’t forget to drink!

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