6 tips to make you feel more comfortable doing things alone


6 tips to make you feel more comfortable doing things alone

The relationship with ourselves is the most important and longest we have. Yes, you probably know that phrase. And while it’s important to constantly work on our self-love or self-acceptance, sometimes doing things alone can be difficult. Going to the cinema or eating out, for example.

But once you get used to it and don’t feel weird anymore, it can be such a wonderful time. perform yourself Take yourself to that place you’ve always wanted to try or see a movie. But yes, we know: At first it can feel like everyone is looking at you and like you don’t have any friends. Which of course is nonsense. We have a few tips on how to reduce this fear.

Remember, nobody cares if you’re alone
One of the main reasons you probably hate traveling alone is feeling like everyone is judging you. Forget that. Because even if someone notices that you’re eating alone at the restaurant, they’re more likely to admire you for being happy with yourself or envy you for getting on their nerves. Emphasis on if. Because many people will not even notice that you are traveling alone. They’re way too busy with themselves.

You can go home anytime
Unlike when you’re in a situation with other people you’re not comfortable with ( Introverts, you all know what I am talking about ), you can just go home. No one will ask you why you’re leaving so early and whether you don’t want to keep talking. You realize you don’t like the movie in the cinema? There’s no reason to stay. You have all the freedoms you give yourself.

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It’s normal to feel weird
Going to the cinema alone for the first time can feel strange. This is completely normal. Allow yourself to feel these negative and maybe even uncomfortable feelings. Especially if you’re someone who enjoys being around people, it may go against your nature. Think about it like this: You are doing something that might scare you or make you feel uncomfortable or unfamiliar. That’s pretty badass. Even if you don’t love it the first time.

keep yourself busy
Just because you’ve decided to go somewhere by yourself doesn’t mean you have to be bored staring around. Bring a book, buy a magazine, or check Instagram on your phone. Alone time doesn’t have to mean boring. There is no rule that says you can’t go swimming alone and continue watching your favorite series on the lounger. Keep yourself busy to the extent that you are comfortable.

Be aware of the benefits
Your friends are all vegan, but you were so keen on steak? No one likes watching romcoms but you? Or you don’t necessarily want anyone who knows you to see your first attempts at pole dancing. Doing things alone is not lonely and sad, but has a very big advantage: you can do whatever you want. You don’t have to vote on what someone else wants or how someone else feels. Listen to yourself and do what you feel like doing. You don’t have to compromise.

Do something
Sitting and eating in a bar is definitely harder than being in a dance class with other women. A city break alone is less of a challenge than a spa vacation alone. Find something where you are on the move and experiencing or experiencing new things. This helps your anxiety, especially no one will notice that you are alone and you will notice it less yourself. Thanks to social media, you can get in touch with friends at any time, or you can simply go home when you don’t feel like it anymore.

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