7 common mistakes with condoms should to Avoid


7 common mistakes with condoms should to Avoid

A condom not only protects against pregnancy, but also against sexually transmitted diseases. On the occasion of World AIDS Day, we have collected common mistakes that you will definitely never make again.

Safe sex is good sex. Some of you may know the problem: It’s not that easy to let yourself go completely and switch off your brain. It gets even harder when you keep in mind that sex might not be safe right now. The list of possible sexually transmitted diseases you are about to catch is long, the chances of an unwanted pregnancy are also increasing and… please tell me honestly, who can let themselves go so far in the situation that they actually have fun?

I don’t think we need to explain why it’s absolutely necessary to use a condom when having sex with someone who isn’t your regular partner and who you trust. Those of you who are pro condoms insist on it anyway and we wish the rest only the best. But we still have a few tips for the pro-condom group. Because there are a few mistakes that happen super often with condoms. Do you know any of these?

Condoms have an expiry date. Yeah, sort of like milk and tomato sauce. If this expiration date is passed, the company no longer guarantees that the condoms are safe, do not break and offer full protection. I recently found a condom in an old purse that I was given in school 10 years ago. You may know that. No, this should no longer be used, but thrown away directly. Even condoms that have been carried around in purses for a long time are not safe. Away with it.

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Fast shot and late starter
No, it’s not about what you might believe. It’s about putting on the condom too early out of sheer safety (and that is in principle very commendable). Because this should only be slipped over the fully erect penis. If this is pulled on before this stage is reached, there is a good chance that it will not be worn properly and therefore will not provide full security.

However, one should not wait too long. Putting on the condom only for orgasm is not a safe option, as liquid can escape during penetration, regardless of the ejaculation. Thus, one would again not be protected from pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

Leave no room at the top
I guess you all, like me, heard this at school when we were learning how to put on condoms. Hold the tip, then roll down. The reason for this is that the tip should remain empty so that there is enough space to catch the ejaculate. Not leaving this space increases the chance of the condom bursting or overflowing. Then the protection is gone. If you have suppressed this school lesson, here is a little reminder:

Honorable Mentions
A few more notes that are also important so that the condom can develop its full safety. In fact:

Please, please choose the right size . I know his penis seems really big to him, but condoms are very, very elastic and if you use condoms that are too big (looking at you, with your packet of XXL condoms in the bedside table), the chances of them tearing or slipping and security is gone.
Unbelievable that you have to say that at all, but NO, a condom cannot be used more than once and NO, not even if you wash it and/or turn it inside out. In the dustbin with it!
I respect the idea of ??you putting two condoms on top of each other . extra protection. Sure, safety is important. And while the idea is good, unfortunately this practice has the opposite effect. This is because the two condoms will rub against each other and likely cause them to tear. The safety of a condom when used correctly is 97%. That’s not so bad!
We are big fans of lube ! But when choosing a lubricant, make sure that it is water-based. Anything else can attack the condom material and cause it to tear.

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