7 date ideas for the cold days


7 date ideas for the cold days

When it gets cold outside, do you really just want to crawl under 20 blankets and watch Christmas movies? We feel you, girl. As fine as that is, at some point even the best relationship may fall asleep. We have a few alternative suggestions – for couples or for singles as first date ideas:

1. Go to the museum together
How about a little change from Netflix? Have a look through the exhibition plans and see what appeals to you. Due to the pandemic, many museums now also offer virtual 360-degree tours. So you can learn a little something, marvel at art and don’t even have to leave your couch.

2. Take an (online) dance course
The next level (which actually requires you to get off the couch) would be an (online) dance class. Have a look on YouTube for suitable tutorials and turn your four walls into a dance studio (and then cuddle around in a cheesy slow dance!). Or you attend a real life dance course where you get to know other nice people.

3. Have a baking contest
Just try out for yourself what you’ve already seen from various back shows while watching trash TV. Get both of you the same basic ingredients, set a timer and see what different things you can conjure up in the given time. Encourages creativity – and then you have something to snack on when you chill afterwards!


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4. Go ice skating
Admit it, that sounds a bit romantic, doesn’t it? And: It is absolutely suitable for social distancing! So: wrap up warm, put on your cute hat and off to the next ice rink.

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5. Make a photo album together
Let’s be honest: We all have thousands of photos that are wasting on our mobile phone gallery. How about you just let your most beautiful moments develop and create a photo album together? It’s also a great activity for quenching wanderlust!

6. Make a bucket list
Speaking of wanderlust: Make a bucket list together and write down everything you would like to experience together, where you still want to travel together, etc. This creates a bit of optimism in times of winter blues and makes you look forward to better times.

7. Create a shared playlist
Immediately after the bucket list you can create a playlist together – or one for the other! It’s more romantic than it sounds, I promise. Playlists are the new mixtapes, we’ve been told.

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