7 everyday changes that help us achieve beautiful skin

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7 everyday changes that help us achieve beautiful skin

The big problem with change and good intentions is that if you try too hard, you fail far too quickly. Unfortunately , our everyday habits show up relatively quickly on our skin, and they have a major impact on whether it looks pale and pimply or radiant and healthy. That’s why it’s better if we just take one change at a time and gradually integrate it into our everyday lives.

These 7 commandments are a great start for treating our skin with respect and helping it to look radiant .

1) sun protection factor
It’s regularly chanted by beauty experts, but you can’t believe how many people still don’t stick to it: A daily foundation of SPF cream is essential to protect skin from sun damage and skin cancer. In addition, a cream with a sun protection factor is the basis for preventing premature skin aging.

2) Good nutrition
Good nutrition sounds so mundane, but we often underestimate what cravings that result in pizza and ice cream do to our skin. Sticking to the basic rules of whole foods or clean eating, on the other hand, can work wonders. Vegetables and fruits provide our skin with the most important nutrients, while bad trans fats and sugars clog pores and prevent them from renewing themselves regularly. What we eat is the basis of all skin care.

3) Quit smoking
Many don’t want to admit it, but smoking just has negative effects on the body and it just doesn’t pay off. External effects aside, smoking is the cause of terrible diseases. But you can’t do anything worse for the skin either: it constricts the blood vessels and ensures that they can no longer be supplied with sufficient oxygen and nutrients. This results in premature skin aging. Even the act of smoking, bringing the cigarette to your lips and contracting your need can be a trigger for wrinkles.

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4) Always remove makeup
Again, something that sounds simple but isn’t always done: There’s nothing worse for your skin than going to bed with makeup on. Otherwise we can expect clogged pores, acne, skin irritation and eczema. Everyone will find a suitable routine: with micellar water, a greasy cream or a gel. If you tend to forget, it’s best to keep a pack of make-up removal wipes next to the bed.

5) Don’t push around
I guess we’re all guilty of that sometimes. But it’s among the skin imperatives for a reason: squeezing pimples and skin patches inflames, and whatever was there to begin with only makes it worse. It also increases the likelihood of scarring and skin discoloration.

6) Find your own skin care routine and stick to it
The beauty industry comes out with zillions of new products every week, and of course it’s fun to experiment and try out each new product. But everyone’s skin type is different, and what works wonders for one can be horribly irritating for the next. A much safer way is to find a good skin care routine for your skin type and stick to it. Changing skin care too often can have negative effects on the skin. If the current skin care is not working ideally, you can approach new products, but beware: products need a few weeks so that you can judge their full effect.

7) Clean your makeup paraphernalia
Brushes need to be cleaned regularly, otherwise they are an incubator for bacteria. Uncleaned utensils can, in turn, lead to skin irritations ranging from infections to allergic reactions to eczema.

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