7 Points To Configure If You Need A New Logo

7 Points To Configure If You Need A New Logo

Has your logo design lost its charm?

It’s not new that brands update their logos to stay relevant and there’s a valid reason to do so. With the changing times, the consumers change too and demand a contemporary service provider. If you’re feeling that your logo became outdated in presence of your competitors, this is time that you consider updating your logo and regain your position in the industry.

Don’t worry! We’ve compiled this handy list to help you decide if this is the time to update your logo to more impactful branding?

Outdated Logo

One of the prime reasons, to consider having a new logo design, is when it’s not updated in years.

It’s not that famous brands never update their logos or make slight changes. There are many examples like Nike, Shell, and Coca Cola that are still using their primary logo. They, however, made slight changes to their primary logo and this could be your first cue for consider changing your existing logo.

Try recalling when was the last time you made few adjustments to your existing logo and if it’s years back, this could be the right time to do so.


NYC’s best logo design company – FullStop says “Logo wouldn’t limit itself to visiting cards only. Today, the logo is used on multiple platforms wherever there’s a slight chance of marketing products. So, the logo design should be able to retain its beauty on almost every surface wherever it is printed.”

Think of the various surfaces where you can use your logo, your company’s face, to create a positive image of your business. Because that’s the first step towards making your logo design adaptable. If its not adaptable in terms of size and printing options, this is a clear indication that your logo needs to be updated.

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Too Common Design

Have you lately run a survey regarding your business?

Do people recognize your logo or select another business due to logo similarities? This could be a serious reason to consider updating your logo design in order to avoid such instances.

KFC is a notable example that has many different logo variations on regional level in each country. Though, this instance proves the authority of fast-food giant but ignoring a common logo design instance can cost your small business in negative way.

No Customer Connection

Does your brand logo connect with your consumers?

Yes, this is an important aspect of a logo that you must seek into your existing logo. If the logo fails to make a special connection with your target customers, it needs to be updated.

One way, the brands use to develop connection with consumers, is by using colors and fonts. Because colors have the ability to influence the decision-making process of the consumers. See, how McDonald uses yellow arches and how Coca Cola invokes the lively feeling into its log with color red? That’s the kind of features you must add into your new logo design.

Lacks Business Values

One way to conclude if your logo needs to be updated is to seek the element of business values in it.

Take FedEx, for example, and how it sues the negative space between E and X to form the arrow shape. This arrow shape denotes to its commitment to reach anywhere and deliver the package at a fast pace. If you, too, want to impress your consumers with one of your business values, your logo is an ideal option to do so.

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No Storytelling Element

Audi, Volkswagen, and BMW share a common characteristic when it comes to their branding and logo selection. These brands describe the story of their struggle and how they evolved from a small business to a conglomerate of auto industry. This is the kind of logo your business should have in order to captivate your audience with a compelling storytelling element.

Inappropriate Logo Design

Is your logo failing to describe about your nature of work?

Well, this is another cue that your business logo needs to be updated. An ideal logo design is one that clearly defines your work of nature, tells about the function of your products and signifies the quality of your services. So, look again at your existing logo and decide if it needs to be updated or not.

Comment below and let us know why you updated your existing logo.

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