7 reasons why getting older is great


7 reasons why getting older is great

At some point there comes a moment when we realize that we won’t stay forever young after all : The first gray hair, that one wrinkle that doesn’t disappear again at some point, even if your face relaxes totally or the hangover that lasts a week – even though you actually only had two shots. We feel you: Like many of you, the fear of old age creeps up on us here and there . Therefore: Here are our top reasons to look forward to getting older, if the thought of it might stress you out a bit:

1. It doesn’t matter what other people think
While we often think three times whether we can really say it like that or whether the outfit isn’t maybe too bad, we become more and more relaxed with age and finally give a shit about what other people say or think.

2. We have less FOMO (Fear of missing out)
Would you rather go to Nora’s birthday party or to the concert with the others? Ahh, no matter what you decide, you always have the annoying feeling that you’re missing something! Don’t worry, this too will decrease with age (because in most cases your choice will be: hot water bottle and bed).

3. … and we have more money for that!
Yes, the FOMO will be less, your money will be more (at this point we skilfully suppress the probably non-existent pension). Finally you don’t have to feed yourself only on pasta and pesto anymore, but you can eat out here and here and there! Awesome!

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4. Smile lines are nice
Since you were 20, have you been using anti-wrinkle cream every day to stop the signs of aging for as long as possible? But go, why? Wrinkles are part of it and show that you have already experienced a lot. In addition, smile lines make a face much friendlier and more likeable! (Don’t forget sun protection anyway, huh?)

5. We learn to get by on our own
For a long time, the thought of being on your own was a nightmare scenario – when you have a little more life experience, you realize: You can also get along just fine on your own. Having a partner by your side can enrich your life, sure, but you don’t need them to be happy – and it’s nice to know that.


6. We know what we want (even in bed)
Always this back and forth and “I should or shouldn’t I” : As we get older, the lack of desire or inability to make decisions finally decreases. Especially when dating, we no longer get involved in something that doesn’t seem like much from the start – just because it could be the one. Bonus: Your sex life will benefit too!

7. We are lucky to grow old
If you find yourself whining about how old you are (especially if you’re only in your twenties), remember, some people aren’t even lucky enough to live to be old. So instead of sinking into self-pity, be happy that you probably still have a lot ahead of you and can still experience a lot!

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