7 reasons why you are always tired


7 reasons why you are always tired

You just can’t get out of bed in the morning? And are you also tormented by a permanent listlessness during the day? Then you should urgently get to the bottom of the reasons for your tiredness. Otherwise you’ll sleep through half your life. And because that would be a shame, we’ll wake you up now: These are the real reasons for your sleep mode:

Poor sleep hygiene
Didn’t get to bed before 11 p.m. again? But you really want to sleep in at the weekend ? That’s not a good idea! The body cannot be fooled. He loves routine. Only those who stick to consistent sleeping habits are really rested and relaxed. That means: Train yourself to have regular sleeping and waking times. And that applies to weekends as well. Tip for everyone who was up late on Saturdays: get up as usual on Sundays anyway and use midday for a short power nap .

Full belly = lack of power!
Those who skip breakfast have ravenous hunger at lunchtime and then often reach for not only large quantities but also tiring foods. Better: Have a sufficient and high-carbohydrate breakfast. Eat lighter foods (fish, vegetables, white meat, yoghurt) at lunchtime. And above all, avoid sugary insulin traps . Anyone who expects a quick pick-me-up with chocolate, cake and the like will be badly disappointed. Sugar (as well as carbohydrates from white flour) wake you up for a moment, but then all the more tired due to the rapid drop in insulin!

Good mood never sleeps
An Indian folk wisdom says: “If you are happy, you do not need sleep”. Euphoria keeps you awake. Just like being in love. Frustration, depressive moods, arguments and pessimism, on the other hand, are attitudes that drag us down. So get rid of emotional baggage, tiring routine and sad mines. When the heart smiles again, the body follows suit!

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light is life
Light is a natural pacesetter and stimulant for the body. However, if you sit in the booth or in the office all day, you won’t notice anything. Because even through a cloudy sky, there is still enough light that reaches our brain via the retina and provides a lot of power here. So let’s get out! The way to work or to the supermarket, a stroll through the city or a dog walk through the park: all of these are valuable stimulants that we need several times a day.

Convenience makes you tired
“Move your body. And your mind will follow.” That’s an English saying. And she’s right. Because only when the body is in motion does the metabolism run at full speed and with it the hormone activity that is so important. If you are tired, you have to get up. At least three light sports sessions per week will revive weak spirits. Just like all the small steps that you can take in everyday life against tiredness: the walk to the office, the stairs instead of the elevator or the short jump rope in between.

Iron deficiency leaches
Iron deficiency and a low ferritin value are widespread, especially among women. Due to the regular loss of blood through the period, women who have heavy menstrual bleeding are particularly affected. Deficiency symptoms can include severe tiredness and listlessness, hair loss, brittle nails, sallow skin and sleep disorders. Therefore, the following applies: Have your family doctor check your iron levels regularly.

But be careful: not only vegetarians are affected by iron deficiency! Although meat is a good supplier of iron, you can still maintain a healthy iron level with a plant-based diet (spinach, lentils, quinoa, pumpkin seeds or oatmeal are good suppliers of iron). Also note: While the consumption of vitamin C or soy promotes iron processing in the body, the process is inhibited by the intake of coffee, tea or dairy products (this should also be considered when taking iron tablets).

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The thyroid is to blame
Thyroid diseases are among the most common hormonal diseases – and hyperthyroidism or underactive thyroid glands severely limit physical and mental performance. Up to 1.2% of the population suffer from diseases that lead to hyperthyroidism. Women are affected much more often, and the risk of contracting the disease increases with age.

If the thyroid gland is underactive, the body produces too few thyroid hormones thyroxine (T4) and triiodothyronine (T3). This slows down various metabolic processes in the body, and we feel that. In addition to being easily fatiguable and not able to perform as well, the symptoms also include depressive moods, cardiovascular problems, frequent freezing, menstrual cycle disorders and weight gain without changing eating habits.

It is best to have your thyroid levels checked at the annual health check-up! A thyroid disorder can be treated very well with hormonal medication.

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