7 things happens with your body when you go to sleep drunk


7 things happens with your body when you go to sleep drunk

Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to fall into bed drunk. All the more amazing what alcohol does to our sleep!

1) You fall into deep sleep (too) quickly
The feeling of just “sleeping away” when high comes from simply skipping the first phase of sleep, the onset phase. But that makes you sleep less well the rest of the time . On average, you get into the deep sleep phase 8 minutes earlier and it lasts longer. It’s difficult to wake someone up during this time, and that’s why you have fewer REM periods (where you dream) later.

2) The heart rate is increased
Despite being in a regenerating deep sleep phase for longer, the heart rate is increased and the nervous system is more active than normal. In a healthy state, the heart rate and high blood pressure should actually only increase in later REM phases. Alcohol disrupts these natural processes and you don’t feel rested the next day.

3) The REM phases are interrupted and disturbed
REM phases are those sleep phases in which the body regenerates, they are characterized by strong dreams. During this time we process memories, stress and the emotions of the day. Normally we have 5-7 REM periods a night and dream for 2 hours whether we remember it or not. Alcohol can reduce the number of times you experience REM to 1-2, causing you to wake up grumpy. However, the REM phases are important enough that you make up for them and go through longer REM phases the next time you sleep.

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4) You sweat and have to go to the toilet in between
1-12 sprays in the evening and you may have noticed that you keep getting up to go to the bathroom and drink water. Alcohol acts as a diuretic and blocks the hormone that helps the body retain water. That’s why you have to go to the toilet very often, especially in the morning hours. There’s also an explanation for waking up smelling like a whole liquor bar: alcohol dilates the veins and increases the heart rate, which is why you sweat more when you sleep drunk than on a midsummer day in the office. So you wake up dehydrated, no matter how much Gatorade you ingest before bed.

5) You snore
Due to the unconscious relaxation of all muscles, including those in the throat, one tends to snore after drinking alcohol. In addition, the likelihood of sleepwalking and talking during sleep is also increased.

6) You roll over
After a few hours you sleep very easily and wake up more often, especially between 4 and 6 in the morning. After the effects of the alcohol wear off, you transition from a deep phase of sleep to REM sleep, from which you can easily wake up. That’s why you often only sleep a few hours after drinking.

7) You wake up and just feel *****
Head woeeeh!

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