7 things to think about when starting a new relationship


7 things to think about when starting a new relationship

If you are at the beginning of a new relationship, there are a number of tips that could help you get off to a good start and finally love happily again .

Variety in appointments
Monotony is deadly in the beginning of a relationship. Variety, on the other hand, leads to creating beautiful memories together. Instead of sitting in front of the TV, you can go for a walk together, meet up for lunch in a nice restaurant or do something together with friends and colleagues.

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It is also instructive to see how your partner deals with new situations. Every date and every encounter can be unique. It’s not a question of money, but of ingenuity.

Don’t call all the time
Any date is exciting when there’s a lot to talk about. They can talk about their childhood, their pets, their interests and a thousand other things. It’s a good idea to come up with interesting stories before you even go on a date.

You should also not plan too much or set everything up in advance so that your partner no longer has room for your own decisions.

remain independent
When people spend every moment with their new love, they run the risk of neglecting themselves and their friends. Lasting relationships are characterized by both retaining a sense of independence. It is important to have time for yourself. Of course, you also have to invest time in the relationship. There should always be a balance.

Staying self-employed also with the money
Even if it is difficult at first to talk about money with your partner, it is an important topic that should not be neglected. Above all, it is important that you do not become dependent and that your partner can exercise power over you. There are other helpful tips in this guide: ls-finanzcoaching.de – Talk about money .

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Conversations about sexual health
It’s better to start talking about STDs and birth control early in a relationship than suddenly noticing an itchy rash or having an unplanned pregnancy.

The most common sexually transmitted infection is chlamydia. This bacterial infection is usually asymptomatic but can have serious consequences if left untreated.

Various herpes viruses, hepatitis, syphilis and HIV can also become unpleasant and dangerous. While asking your loved one about STDs isn’t romantic, it’s an important step in staying healthy.

Watch out for warning signs
If you ignore warning signs, you are doing nothing for the relationship, but only delaying the inevitable end. Hostile criticism, unreliability, lies, and disrespect don’t get better in most cases. The rose- colored glasses in the time of the first love lets us overlook too much. A person who treats you badly is not worth investing in for the long term.

Don’t be narrow-minded
That doesn’t mean it’s a good idea to disparage someone because they have different beliefs, hobbies, or culinary preferences. Starting a new relationship should feel easy. It is quite normal that there are differences. However, you should hold back on talking about controversial topics at the beginning.

stay true to yourself
People who treat themselves lovingly also tell their partner how they would like to be treated. Make it clear what you tolerate and what not! You should always do something good for yourself. If your partner wants to come over spontaneously, but you’re at work or have run a bubble bath, it’s okay to ask them to come later.

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Being true to yourself also means not being too strict with yourself, for example if you have made mistakes in previous partnerships or are going through a difficult time professionally. It’s also not a good idea to hide your problems.

Vulnerability is part of new relationships , especially ones that are new. Don’t be ashamed that you have a few problems too. Nobody expects perfection, so there’s no need to hide negative past experiences.

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