7 things you should immediately remove from your closet


7 things you should immediately remove from your closet

You know that: A full closet and nothing to wear. At the same time there is no space for new items, because unworn items fill up the already sparse space. The long-overdue cleaning up is pushed back and forth with wonderful excuses ( “It’ll be back!” to ” I’ll definitely fit in there again soon” ). But honestly:

You should ban these 7 things from your closet
1. Socks that don’t match

No, the lost twins of your lonely socks won’t reappear. If mismatched pairs of socks aren’t the charming hallmark of your laissez-faire life (which is totally okay) , ditch the loners. Or at least make sock puppets out of them.

2. Probably half of your period panties

Of course, period panties are useful as well as necessary and a good way not to have to part with your favorite washed-out panties. “I’ve got these for the next few days,” you say, while your pale bottom skin shows through between the holes in the lace hem. In truth, no sane person needs more than ten menstrual panties at most. Secretly you know that anyway.

3. Discolored shirts

Yes, green lifestyle and yes, ecological awareness! But: Clothing is not made to last forever – if your shirt was black or the stubborn yellow deodorant stains can no longer be removed even with baking soda and sunlight, they are at most suitable for cleaning scraps.

4. Things that no longer suit you

Pants only go up to the middle of the thighs but not a millimeter further? That sheath dress looks like you’re wearing a sack? But are you going to fit in there again? Listen carefully: Anything that hasn’t suited you for more than two years can slowly go away. Off to the old clothes collection – for someone else it could actually become a favorite part, for you it remains a memorial to bygone times.

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5. The arsenal of rags

The counterpart to menstrual underpants is the couch sweater. Yes, you need home stuff. No, not in 14 different versions.

6. Shoes you can’t walk in

How are you supposed to smash the patriarchy if you can’t leave? It will never be like that!

7. Poor quality clothing

You know: the scratchy sweater made from cheap wool. The polyester dress that makes you sweat like crazy after six and a half seconds. And the blouse that makes your hair stand on end electrically. They may have a great color or pattern – but things that annoy you so much when you wear them that they end up hanging in the closet anyway can also be cleaned out with confidence.

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