7 tips on how to really save money

7 tips on how to really save money

The same thing every month: although you have planned to save, the account keeps shrinking. These tips will save you money. It doesn’t matter whether you’re single or a couple .

1. The goal in mind
First of all, a detailed overview of the assets is important. It is also worthwhile if you set a sum each month that you would like to save at the end of the month. A clear plan for available funds and fixed costs is the first way to save. If you keep an eye on the sum X, it will automatically be much easier for you to save.

2. Keep a household book
Not only the amount to be saved must always be considered. Many people often lose track of their expenses in everyday life.

Financial experts have shown that people who write down their daily expenses spend less money than those who don’t. Get a household book and write down every little expense. It is advisable to take every receipt with you when shopping in order to be able to properly note down the daily expenses.

3. Never buy on whim
Of course, the biggest money trap awaits us consumers in the supermarkets. Apparent bargains and great offers tempt us again and again to make unplanned purchases, which often make a big difference at the end of the month. If you want to shop smart and save, you plan your purchases meticulously and never go to the store without a shopping list. Only the things that are really needed go into the shopping cart. This way you can quickly save a few euros on your weekly shopping and don’t spend your hard-earned money on things that you don’t actually need.

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4. Protect the environment and your wallet
Not only since the Fridays for Future statements have we all been more concerned about the careful use of our environment. For a long time, numerous cafes and bakeries have been offering coffee to go cheaper if you bring your own coffee mug. In this way, we can not only save a lot of plastic when fetching coffee every day, but also protect our own wallet and save money at the same time. Doing good can be so easy.

5. Change electricity provider
In the meantime, the fight for the cheapest electricity supply has flared up. Numerous providers lure their customers with bonuses if they decide to sign up with the provider. In fact, a price comparison can be worthwhile, because traditional providers are indeed often more expensive than newer service providers. It only takes a few clicks on the Internet and you have compared the different offers from the various electricity providers.

Many shy away from switching because they fear that switching providers will involve a great deal of effort. In fact, however, new companies are offering to take over the termination from the old provider as a service. In this way, end customers benefit twice over. Save money and compare the offers of the local electricity providers today. It’s worth it, or save money and electricity with our power saving tips .

6. Cook healthy and cheap
A doner kebab during the lunch break, the bagel in between and the pizza is ordered in the evening. In fact, many households spend oodles of money on fast food. But that is neither healthy nor can you save money. Because a short time after enjoying fast food, you are often hungry again and simply eat something else. A healthy lifestyle can often be even cheaper.

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Anyone who buys fresh groceries at the weekly market or in the supermarket will notice that, in contrast to fast food, they are not more expensive. On the contrary, you can often find great deals on fresh fruit and vegetables. It is then cooked fresh at home, what is left can be frozen. So you save twice and also do something good for your health.

7. Use voucher codes and pick out special offers
The new winter jacket is ordered over the Internet, and does the girlfriend want the DVD with the love story for her birthday? You can now order everything online. This route is often much more convenient for the end consumer than going to the local retail store. And of course often much cheaper. In order to be able to save even more when shopping online, one should look for voucher codes for the respective provider before making the final purchase .

For large, but also smaller online shops, a quick search on the Internet can almost always find coupon codes that can be used to reduce the bill for the order directly in the ordering process. If you find a super special offer and don’t want to wait until the next money arrives, then a mini loan could also be worthwhile. According to test reports, Vexcash convinces with good ratings and many customers . The short research is worthwhile in any case, because we can save money when shopping online.

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