8 serious ways to make money online

8 serious ways to make money online

It sounds too good to be true. Anyone looking for a part-time job on the Internet and a way to earn money will quickly find what they are looking for. Numerous providers promise fast money after registration and with just a few clicks. Numerous jobs are offered on the World Wide Web that give the impression that it has never been easier to earn an above-average income from the sofa with your knowledge and skills – nobody has ever become rich with these jobs. Below we have found 9 serious activities with which a lucrative additional income is possible.

8 serious ways to make money online

Tip 1 for creatives – Creative Director
Anyone who is creative and enjoys drawing and designing can work as a graphic artist and designer. Creative portals such as 99Designs offer the working environment to get started as a designer without major acquisition effort and without costs. After a free registration, the first orders can be processed. The principle is simple: Whoever submits the best design for an order and is awarded the contract by the client wins and is paid out after 3 days. The designer himself determines how many orders he processes. The quality of the service and the taste of the client alone determine the possible earnings.

Tip 2 for early risers – the breakfast porter
In Germany there are more and more people who have their groceries delivered to their homes. The number of delivery services is increasing – price and service are different. The market is fiercely contested by global players. Over 19 million people now order from Domino’s, Lieferando and & Co. However, there are still niches in this shark tank. If you start out as a regional roll, bread and cake delivery service and start small in your own living area, you need almost no investment. Have flyers with an order card on the back printed online for little money, distribute them yourself, take orders and deliver them on time. Customers will quickly feel like guests of a 5-star hotel using the breakfast service. when it works

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Tip 3 for service providers with a heart – traveling butlers
Anyone who genuinely enjoys serving other people, has good general knowledge, likes to travel and has no problem being away from home for a long time – has the best qualifications for the job of a traveling butler – also known as a valet. Solid training as a restaurant or hotel manager, professional experience as a chauffeur and language skills expand the possibilities of being able to accompany wealthy private individuals on their trips or to take care of the house and yard during their absence. The activities are varied from the preparation of meals, cleanliness and order of the property, care and maintenance of valuable vehicles and precious objects (silver, porcelain), organization of celebrations and events and much more. The work is very well paid depending on the qualification. Contacts either through relevant recruiters and through butler schools – in Germany the butler school Edumondi.

Tip 4 for busy people – deliver newspapers and distribute flyers
Some themes are timeless and still popular. Only earnings have increased significantly in the last 30 years. Anyone who is clever and chooses an area with many high-rise buildings will quickly distribute the flyers. Thanks to modern technology and tools, for example the use of e-skateboards, longer distances can also be covered comfortably and time saved.

Tip 5 for self-promoters – extras in film and television
Extras, extras and actors for small roles are always wanted. Who knows – maybe you will be discovered and the small supporting role as a silent extra is the stepping stone to Hollywood. Numerous agencies offer free registration. The expense allowance is not tempting at first, but the chance to be a part in a movie or TV show and rediscover yourself on screen is all the more exciting. As the stakes increase, so do the fees. Diligence and patience are required for this job – with luck you will make interesting contacts.

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Tip 6 – the orderly clean women/men
The previous tip automatically leads us to this idea. Where old objects have been disposed of that are no longer of any use to the previous owner, the desire for order and cleanliness is not far away. Some households are simply overwhelmed and regularly reach their limits. The clothes are piled up in the closets and nobody can find anything anymore. A cleaning service would be helpful. Payment could be made either in money or as an exchange transaction – performance against objects that would have been disposed of anyway but are perhaps still usable. –

Tip 7 for well-informed personal shoppers
Over 477 million tourists spend the night in Germany every year. There should be a customer who is looking for a personal shopping companion. Many tourists today want to experience a lot in as little time as possible. So it could be useful to show and book the best spots, the cheapest shops and the hippest restaurants. As a reward, in addition to pocket money, there will certainly be a free lunch and maybe a gift.

Tip 8 for inventors – the household recycler
Germans are masters at collecting. Household cupboards, basements and attics are crammed full of more or less valuable household appliances, clothing and utensils. What is just rubbish and worthless for one person may well have value for another. Tech-savvy people can make old televisions, washing machines, vacuum cleaners and the like work again with little effort and can sell them at flea markets and on the Internet. Households, on the other hand, are happy when the old junk is disposed of free of charge and rooms become free again.

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Over 15% of poeple of our country have a part-time job. The proportion increases. People pursue a part-time job for various reasons – usually because the income from the main job is not sufficient. With a little initiative and perseverance, you can earn some money online on the side .

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