8 signs of a happy long-term relationship


8 signs of a happy long-term relationship

Everyone knows a couple like this: They have been together for what feels like a thousand years and are still in love . The perfect mix of reliability and tummy tingles. But how do they actually do it?

8 habits of happy couples in a long-term relationship
1.) They make time for each other

Nothing comes from nothing: the most important thing is (unsurprisingly) spending time together. And as Grandma said: “You don’t have time, you take your time.” Everything else has to wait from time to time.

2.) They compliment each other – even in front of other people!

Those who are happy also like to tell others about it. This doesn’t always have something to do with showing off, it just happens automatically.

3.) You laugh a lot and often


Laughing together strengthens the relationship. And if you don’t always take things too seriously, it’s easier to enjoy yourself.

4.) You feel for your partner

Empathy and compassion are the basis of a functioning relationship. Only those who can and want to empathize with others can be a support in difficult times. This also applies to foot massages after a shitty day.

5.) They always let you know when they’re coming home

It’s an easy way to show your partner that you are a priority and don’t be left behind, even during stressful or exciting times. Besides, it’s polite, folks!

6.) They appreciate the positive aspects of their partner instead of just getting worked up about the bad aspects

Let’s be honest: Humans are damn exhausting and have annoying habits. All! Of course, this will annoy you from time to time – but happy couples never forget (or only for a short time) that the other person also has pretty good qualities.

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7.) They still flirt with each other all the time

What keeps the magic alive? If he never completely disappears.

8.) You forgive and are not (very) resentful

People are not only exhausting (see: point 6), they also mess up. It is all the more important to resolve conflicts openly and honestly and to be able to forgive them.

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