8 signs you are highly sensitive


8 signs you are highly sensitive

1. You are a valued listener
When your friends want to get out of frustration or need advice from someone, you’re their first port of call. You are above average empathetic. This is exactly what makes it so difficult for you to differentiate yourself from others. You quickly make their problems your own: if someone is sad, you suffer with them. If someone is happy, you are just as euphoric.

2. You are good at giving in
Conflicts rob you of an insane amount of energy, which is why you generally avoid disputes . If there are disagreements, your need for harmony forces you to give in relatively quickly.

3. Hunger and tiredness have a negative impact on your mood
…and this negative vibe goes beyond the classic hangryness we all know. When you’re hungry or tired, you notice exactly how you’re “functioning” less by the minute and you just want to withdraw.

4. You think in meta levels
In heated discussions , you tend to stay in the background because the topic under discussion seems too banal. If someone specifically asks you for your personal opinion, you first have to put the whole topic in the right context. In retrospect, you argue and analyze what has been said on abstract levels.

5. You seem shy
Statements like “Whoa, at first I always thought you were really shy!” sound familiar to you? Precisely because you tend to hold back in discussions and only say something when you consider it absolutely necessary, the first impression of you can be characterized by shyness .

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6. Your motto is “Better safe than sorry”
You skilfully avoid potentially overwhelming situations by turning down invitations or putting off dreaded doctor’s appointments. You also like to stay in your usual environment professionally: Just no new challenges that push you out of your comfort zone!

7. When in doubt, stick your head in the sand
On days when everything gets to be too much for you, there is nothing better than lying alone in a dark room with the covers pulled over your head. There are days when life feels like one migraine attack and the only thing that helps is me-time.

8. You need more sleep than others
Especially after activities that involve crowds or particularly strong sensory impressions (such as nature or music experiences), you need to recover extensively.

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