9 Steps to Build a Funnel on Instagram


9 Steps to Build a Funnel on Instagram

Social networks are one of the tools in a branding strategy . Therefore, now we will focus on building funnels on Instagram for subsequent customer acquisition.

In order to attract new users and reduce the cost of attracting them, you can build a funnel on Instagram. It represents several points of interaction with the user, during which he “warms up”, becomes more and more loyal and in the end is ready to recommend your account to others, and then buy your product.

Conventionally, the funnel can be divided into two parts: the top – user interaction, the bottom – product integration and sale. Each subsequent step of the user involves him in the funnel more and more. The first part of the funnel – interaction with the audience – consists of the following steps: saw – clicked – signed up – like – commented on – set up a notification – ready to recommend.

Step One – Saw
Contests, marathons.
Integration with bloggers.
Guest blogging.

“ Recommended ” is a tab on the page where the content is collected, according to the “opinion” of Instagram algorithms, interesting for you. The algorithm offers it by analyzing what you are subscribed to. You can get into the “recommended” because of the rapid influx of new traffic when your publication suddenly becomes popular. Thanks to the good content in a short time you gain a lot of likes, comments. Marathons and various competitions also provoke the appearance of various traffic and help you get into the “recommended”. If your article, and even with a link to you, is hosted by another blogger, this is called guest blogging. Guest blogging refers to a situation where your article is hosted by another blogger with a link to you.

Microbloggers (they are also called microinfluencers, from the word influence – to influence) – novice bloggers. For example, mom bloggers who just started their account. This is a very loyal audience, not yet tormented by sales. You will become one of the first sellers for them: “Oh, Elena recommends someone!” It seems to you: well, what’s the point of buying ads from them? And they are not bad at inviting their friends to you, in other words, driving traffic.

As I mentioned, a large number of accounts with millions of subscribers reached their first million thanks to Giveaway. Such traffic must be handled correctly, reanimated, and this is a lot of work. Better use targeting or interact with microbloggers.

Step Two – Clicked
When users went to your account, they should see: high-quality content and a beautiful visual series of posts (beautiful picture).

Remember that you have to “comb” the posts and be ready to receive traffic? This is especially true for the rapid and massive influx of traffic, for example, during the same Giveaway contest. Keep track of what you post on your account without Giveaway. People are more likely to subscribe to the page of their personal brand, because it’s always more interesting to follow the person than the company. Nevertheless, if you have a professional profile account, you talk about medicine, for example, then you need to carefully attract “borsch” to it, that is, everything that does not belong to the essence.

Many people have a true desire to show some piece of a very personal story: they cooked borscht on Sunday, captured it, laid it out – despite the fact that the BIO says about neurostimulants. Remember that the audience is a mirror of content. If you want to spread borscht, dumplings, create a separate account, hit friends and show them this content.

If you buy and transfer traffic to neurostimulators, and everything appears in your stream, you are unlikely to retain the user. Perhaps the first time you will get a discount, but the second time the person is likely to unsubscribe. After all, he is waiting for biohacking, and sees Olivier. Are you buying traffic? So the content should be in the framework of retention.

Step Three – Subscribed
Traffic fixation.
Filled BIO.
Beautiful avatar.
Active story.
In addition to quality content, first of all you need a beautiful showcase on Instagram. It is there that the person who came to your page should find answers to questions of who this is and why to subscribe to it.

Use active stories, post product reviews, cases, price lists and so on. Keep track of their relevance.

Step Four – Like
At this stage of the funnel, you have to provoke the user for subsequent actions. In order for a person to be fixed in your feed, you need to like him. In addition to good content, use a call to action in all posts: ask users to vote, comment, etc.

Step Five – Commented
We go down the funnel even lower, to the next level of traffic warming up, that is, awakening in it the desire to be with you and buy from you. At the fifth stage, users are already ready to interact with you: participate in discussions, comment on posts, write to Direct.

For a ranking tape, this is a specific signal. Users will definitely see you in the stream, because they perform key actions in relation to you.

Step Six – Set Notification
The next step is actually a declaration of love. Including notifications of your publications, your subscriber receives messages about all the photos and videos that you share.

I still have subscribers who set up notifications when I was just starting my journey on Instagram. At that time, I broadcast live every week, and sometimes every day, and announced them the day before. In order not to miss them, my loyal fans set notifications. My airs were watched by 200-300 people. In rich, filled with practical information broadcasts, I told, showed how my business is going, how I develop, talked about the stages of promotion on Instagram.

Such subscribers are already your virtual family. There will not be many, but this is already very warm traffic.

Seventh step – ready to recommend
It often happens that after the fifth stage of the funnel, users are immediately ready to recommend your page to their friends, upload your posts and photos. The second part of the funnel is product integration and sale. Speaking in the specific language of the marketer, you poured traffic onto the page (invited users using various tools), warmed it to the desired warmth (made it as loyal as possible) and at that moment you begin to integrate your product.

Step Eight – Lead Magnet
A lead magnet is free useful content that you give the user in exchange for his contacts and further loyalty. People really like gifts. Accepting them, they subconsciously feel obligated to you and at some point will be ready to buy your product. Be sure to give subscribers: checklists; Tests video lessons; product video, etc.

People receive a gift by filling out some simple form: a mailbox, a phone. Your task is to interest a potential buyer and collect a database. If you do not have such an information product , create it. For example, a company that sells water filters sent me a video about how their water affects the body (they, of course, used the “youth” trigger, because a woman always wants to stay young and fresh). Your gift should be a “bomb” so that users immediately understand: they can’t do without you. Be sure to measure indicators: do users like your information product. If you do not see a tangible effect, change, test a new lead magnet.

Step Nine – Tripwayer
The task of the second part of the funnel, I recall, is to turn the user that you are interested in into a buyer.

Tripwayer is a very inexpensive offer that complements the main product line. The meaning of this tool is not to make a profit, but to get money from the user for the first time.

The price of the trip should be symbolic so that your user sees the obvious benefit. Your proposal should be such that a person does not have to think about whether it is expensive or cheap. Tripwire removes the first fears and doubts of the user and prepares him for the main thing – the purchase of the main product. The tripway should be simple, understandable and cause an impulsive desire to buy. Trips can be consultations, trainings, webinars, promotion tests, in offline sales, for example, accessories, etc.

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