9 Common WordPress Errors and their Solution

9 Common Wordpress Errors and their Solution

9 Common WordPress Errors and their Solution

Any problem in WordPress can be addressed and it does not need any special skills of work with CMS. Today I will tell you about the most common problems or errors that occur occasionally in WordPress, and i will try to describe the detail process of elimination as well.

Here is the list of most common errors in wordpress:

500 Internal Server Error

Error Establishing a Database Connection

HTTP Error 403 – Forbidden

Connection Timed Out

Cannot Modify Header Information

404 Error in WordPress

Fatal Error – Undefined Function

WordPress Memory Exhausted

WSOD – White screen of death

  1. WordPress 500 internal server error

One of the common causes of internal server error is due to incorrect configuration of a specific file named “.htaccess” located in the root directory of the website. You can access this file through your admin panel/Cpanel. For internal server error 500 there are 3 possible solutions we can try:

  1. You can made changes to solve this issue, log in to your server, go to root directory, open the file named “.htaccess” in notepad and remove the last added line of code, and update the file, it will possibly recover your website to the previous stage.
  2. Delete this file from root directory and go to “Settings” in “WordPress” click on the link named “Permalinks” and click “Save” and that’s it. It will automatically create the new file with fresh code in the root directory, and your site will start working as usual.

iii. You can view the report of your website error(s) in the file named “error_log” also located in root directory of your website panel.

  1. Error Establishing a Database Connection

As name of error “establishing database connection” simplifying to understand the cause, the system cannot connect to the database server, means configuration error with website database located on your server. Some possible solutions of wordpress database connection error are here:

  1. MySQL server is not running usually occurs on VPS servers. You need to restart the server. If the problem is not solved, contact to support of your hosting/server.
  2. A wrong configuration in a specific file named “wp-config.php” located in root directory of the website; it is possible that username, password or any database name is typed wrong or without quotes. Open this file in notepad and read all the options to find out any mentioned mistake.

iii. You may have limited access to your database, you can change the access from your WordPress settings, change the access permissions and then test again, and hopefully wordpress connect the database and error will be gone.

  1. Least but possible issue might be hacking, that your website have been hacked, definitely the link between your website and database will break and you will face wordpress error establishing a database connection. You can check your website through a specific remote scanner and it is free as well https://sitecheck.sucuri.net
  2. HTTP Error 403 Forbidden

The page or resource you are trying to access is absolutely forbidden 403 to reach out. This error usually occurs with the absence of “Index” file in your website directory. Possible steps can be taken to eliminate this error such as:

  1. You have the wrong file in your server, correct file must be named “index.php” or “index.html”; it could be any depends upon your selection pattern. In some cases file is simply missing so create it. So you follow the steps by searching “How to create index file for WordPress”
  2. The problem with the rights. Perhaps you have exhibited limited rights to your index file. Should perform rights for file and parent categories.

iii. The file has been uploaded to a different directory. Find the index file and move to the root folder of your website.

  1. Connection Timed Out

Mostly occurs when the server is rebooted, unreachable, or subjected to a DDOS (Distributed Denial of Service) attack. Possible steps you can do to eradicate connection timedout error:

  1. Check your WordPress plugins and remove the old one’s which are not in use.
  2. Increase the RAM to your WordPress from your server.

iii. Reset your WordPress theme to default and restore you last working backup of website.

  1. Cannot Modify Header Information

Appears mainly because of gaps or error in the code of a specific file named “wp-settings.php” this error is easy to resolve because it provide you details, for example (category/wp-settings.php line:78). This means the error is in “wp-settings” on the line number 78. Here is one solution I can provide on this issue:

  1. Download the file name “wp-settings.php” and open that on notepad, delete the spaces filled with ++ and save the file again to recover from the error connecton timedout.
  2. 404 Error in WordPress

WordPress 404 error is generated by server, when request page of URL does not found. It likely happens in WordPress as well, here are some solutions to resolve 404 page not found wordpress error:

  1. It usually happens due to non configured permalinks, it can be fixed very easily through your WordPress panel. Go to “Settings” click “Permalinks” select the link type and save changes.
  2. If error still exists, try to disable the specific plugin which redirect pages, if you are using any.

iii. You can disable all your plugins one by one, like disable one plugin, check error, if still available, active that plugin again, and disable next, and check website.

  1. Fatal Error – Undefined Function

This is a simple error, means auto update system has failed. In this case you need to roll back the website in working state by using backup then update your WordPress version manually. This is it; fatal error will be resolved for sure.

  1. WordPress Memory Exhausted

WordPress memory exceeds when your website crosses the limit of using the RAM allotted by server. Here are some solutions for that:

  1. Log on to the server and see how much RAM is available and how much is allocated for your website.
  2. Change the setting of the file named “wp-config.php” by adding more memory. Find the line “define wp_memory_limit 32M” specific digits will be there, such as 16M, 32M or 64M. Suppose if the written value is 32M you can change that with 64M and so on. Note that your allotted RAM should match your server specification.

iii. Plugins use a lot of RAM, my suggestion is not remove or disable all problematic plugins and find a replacement.

  1. White screen of death (WSOD)

White screen of death wordpress error mostly occurs while installing or editing plugins, it can also happen due to the non updated plugins in your WordPress list. WSOD (White screen of death) means just a blank white screen nothing else, each time you try to reach your website just a blank white screen. Some simple solutions we can follow are:

  1. Rename the plugins directory and create a new folder, transfer the plugins from directory one by one to check the conflicting module.
  2. You can change the design of your theme from your admin panel, this helps most of the time, or you can change the name of your server to the default, it will also restore your website in live mode.

This is not a complete list of errors that may occur in WordPress, but these are the most common error. A general solution for all the WordPress error is to avoid incorrect configurations, it is not a rocket science to learn about configuration, more than 90% steps in WordPress are automated, all you have to do is pay attention. Avoid not worthy plugins, do not play with codes, and the most important thing is updating, do not skip any recommended updates of WordPress.

In the end I always said the same thing 🙂 To answer all your questions and comments is my high priority.

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