A Guide to right Tire Air Pressure


A Guide to right Tire Air Pressure

The car tire creates the connection between the vehicle and the road and has a significant influence on driving behavior. Too low or too high tire pressure has significant negative effects and should be corrected as soon as possible. In this way you contribute to the safety of your car and do not unnecessarily endanger yourself or other road users. But how do you actually determine the tire pressure?

How do I measure the tire pressure?
To measure the tire air pressure , you must remove the cap from the tire valve. Then press the air pressure gauge onto the valve. The device is properly applied once the hissing stops. Now you can read the measurement result. If the air pressure differs from that specified by the vehicle and tire manufacturers, it must be corrected.

How do I recognize that the tire pressure is too low?
The increase in rolling resistance is typical of under-inflated tires . It leads to an increase in fuel consumption. At the same time, the tires wear out more and their service life is reduced. Also typical is the non-uniform wear of the tires . Since driving comfort also suffers and you have less control over the vehicle, overall driving safety is reduced.

The correct tire air pressure – the air pressure guide on local tiresThe correct tire air pressure is important for safety, driving comfort and the longevity of the tyres

How do I recognize excessive tire air pressure?
Correct tire pressure is an issue that needs to be taken very seriously. Excessive tire pressure can be just as problematic as under-inflation. An over-inflated tire changes shape and only makes contact with the road through the center of its tread. This is where you can see more wear and tear. Furthermore, braking distances will be longer and you will notice less vehicle stability in corners. An air pressure of 0.1 to 0.2 bar that is too high in cars is considered unproblematic.

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What dangers can incorrect tire pressure entail?
Under -inflation is particularly dangerous for car tires. Damage to the inside of the tire can occur. In the worst case, the tire could burst while driving. In the event of a tire failure, the car can no longer be used. Correct tire pressure is therefore crucial.

Where can I read the correct tire pressure?
You will find the information you need about correct tire pressure in your vehicle’s owner’s manual . You can also find this information on the fuel filler flap or on the door pillar. Here you can also read how much higher the tire pressure of summer tires has to be when the vehicle is heavily loaded, for example. This is especially useful on vacation with lots of suitcases.

What is the correct air pressure for winter tires?
In the cold season, it is worth increasing the air pressure for winter tires a little and thus deviating from the specified values ??for summer tires. If you fill in 0.2 bar more than usual, you can compensate for the colder outside temperatures. A sudden drop in temperature causes the tire pressure to drop.

Who can set the tire air pressure correctly?
You can set the tire pressure yourself at the gas station or have a professional auto repair shop do the work for you. If you visit the repair shop regularly, the tire pressure should always be checked as well. The employees in the garage know which pressure is appropriate for which vehicle/tyre combination.

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